Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Henry is going to London

Not to visit the Queen, but to accompany me to the Pain Clinic, but also to have a bit of fun!  I wonder what he will get up to.

Catch you all later.


  1. Hope all goes well. I'm sure Henry will be good company

  2. Wishing you well and hope that they can do something for you to relieve the pain.
    In my opinion you couldn't have a better companion to accompany and support you to this appointment than Henry. He is such a super and caring lad.
    Sasha love and take good octome ertuatiocare of yourself. From Kendal.

  3. Thinking of you during your travels. So glad Henry is going along.

  4. I'm glad Henry can go with you. I hope all goes well for you! Hugs!

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments they are much appreciated.

    Kendal's comment should have read ‘Take good care of yourself.’ on the last line...and here I was thinking it was some kind of latin phrase! ;-)


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