Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pop Up Pirate

Such a wet day today that we decided not to risk the motorways and stayed at home instead of travelling to Cambridge to visit our friends.  So Henry decided to sit down with Tilly Rose and two of the babies, Alfie and Amelia to play 'Pop Up Pirate'.  There were lots of giggles going on and amazingly no fighting over the different coloured pirate swords.

Henry puts in his blue sword...

Tilly Rose puts in her yellow....careful now....

Yeah says Henry, whilst Alfie cheers alongside, I won!  Poor Tilly Rose put in the sword that made the Pirate pop out of his barrel.

I've left them there playing...the sun is coming out now, so they may suddenly decide to pack it in and ask to go outside.


  1. Sorry to hear that you had to postpone your trip to Cambridge today to see your friends but it's probably for the best to wait until these heavy rains clear so that you can enjoy some sightseeing and adventures on the journeys there and back.
    Pleased to see that you are occupying yourself in the meantime playing games with Tilly-Rose and two of the babies, Alfie and Amelia.
    Oh, well done Henry. You won that game of Popping the Pirate. Clever boy!
    Sasha love from Kendal.
    PS. Thanks too Henry for your email yesterday.

  2. How cute! Looks like they are having so much fun playing with it.


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