Friday, 30 December 2016

Sasha Dolls 2016

So I did manage to reduce the number of Sasha dolls that entered Rose Cottage this year... however we won't talk about the non-Sasha dolls that DID enter the house!

Two boys, Two Course, One Repaint and One baby - so a total of six dolls.

All of which have been introduced with the exception of the baby which I bought at the Sasha Festival this year - seems I never completed blogging about the Sasha Festival - must have run out of steam - so forgot all about her!

Clicking on the names will take you to their introduction posts.

Jasmine, my 'Dream' Course girl

Maddison - my main modelling girl at the moment and the lead singer of the 'Rose Hip Chicks'

Donny - the new boy.

Jessica - the red head Course girl

Edward - relieved to be back in boys clothing!

Baby Meike  - who sadly didn't get a formal introduction as I got her at the Sasha Festival and for one reason or another never quite finished my Festival posts!

So a few more photos of her.

She was mint in her tube, and is very sweet.  

I love her whole outfit.  

Plus her pretty soft features.

Next year things are changing in many ways - or at least that is the plan.  Some, perhaps more than a few, dolls will be looking for homes and leaving for pastures new.  It will probably be a slow process as I don't want to rush into such changes.  I am looking forward though to putting the ideas I have been and am still formulating into practice and seeing the results. I am looking forward to amalgamating my blogs and making things a bit easier and thus more enjoyable to me.

I am really hoping that 2017 is going to be my year of 'Less is More'


  1. You've chosen well, they're all gorgeous and no doubt you'll make something lovely for them all, Viv.

    1. Thank you - I hope to anyway! Maddison has already of course had quite a few things made for her, and both Donny and Edward have had one item, but I need to make them their own little wardrobe of clothes :-)

  2. Baby Mieke is very pretty. My younger girl was very keen on one about 3 years ago at Dawn's house but I think now is pleased to have her surprise 2016 baby Daisy from the Celebration weekend raffle.

    1. Isn't she just? I had never really seen her before, but I glanced round from my sales table and saw her...and she was still there at the end, and I just fell for her. She is so sweet.


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