Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Received - Part One.

What a wonderful Secret Santa Swap we had this year - lots of thought and effort went into the swap gifts and all the 'children' were delighted with their gifts.

Secret Santa Marijke sent some fabulous gifts to Mary

Mary writes to Santa:

My kids could use long sleeve shirts, toys, baby dolls, book bags, robes.  (Early Trendon boys and girls and babies!)

Santa Marijke did well as Mary received:

A beautiful robe A nice stocking A beautiful satchel A cute mouse And chocolate for me!!!! So happy!!! Oh


Sonya wrote:

Dear Secret Santa
My Sasha and Gregor boys and girls loved watching "The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe " recently. So Gail (red haired 68 Sasha) would like an outfit just like Lucy's wartime traditional clothing ( dress, cardi, wooden socks etc)
if the secret Santa would prefer to do an outfit for boys then Gregor would like an outfit like Edmunds war time off to the country outfit (shorts, sweater vest, shirt, woolly socks).
 My dolls know that I am not good at sewing so a Secret Santa who enjoys sewing would be a delight. 
Thank you 

Some lovely gifts were received from Secret Santa Ursula

Sonya writes:

Ursula spoilt me with amazingly crafted outfit and gifts that transformed my Gail into Lucy from The Lion The With and the Wardrobe! Gail adores her elephant, I do too, they are my favourite animal! I loved the woven Christmas decorations and balls for the Sasha tree along with beautiful craft paper for me to make some unique decorations. Feeling very loved.


Jackie wrote to Santa:

Dear Santa. I would love something for my 16" Sasha doll. We love most anything that is modern and maybe a little funky!  Thanks!   Jackie

She received these fabulous outfits from Secret Santa JoAnn

Jackie says: 

I asked for something funky and modern for my Sasha dolls, and this is my lovely swap from JoAnn!  Love the Starship Enterprise T-shirt and shorts, and the perfectly modern dress with balloon sleeves, lacey tights, fancy undies, headband, and pretty pink sparkly hat, as well as a wine cork ornament for the tree.  Thanks JoAnn!  Sasha hugs, Jackie

Marijke received some wonderful gifts from her Secret Santa Jackie.

She writes:

Dear Santa,
My goodness, the past year has passed awfully quickly! Our Sasha family has grown to 13, with 6 girls, 5 boys, and 2 babies. As our Mum can sew and knit, we have already got lots of useful stuff, but some of us are better outfitted than others. The newest members of our family include Lars-Erik, a Trendon Sasha Dark Denims, and Ariana, a Trendon Sasha Dark Hair (falling, I fear!) Pink Dress, whose wardrobes are limited to what they came in, plus summer shorts for both and a T-shirt for only one.

At this point, none of us have pajamas or nighties, except for Pippa, who has real baby sleepers from last year’s Santa Swap, so nightwear for all of us is high on our list. Aside from knitted berets and caps, none of us have real, felt berets. Only Sasha has a backpack right now to carry her treasures in. Bastiaan would love to have a fisherman’s vest with lots of pockets, to go with his net and creel. Lars-Erik wants his own teddy bear; he is quite young and still enjoys stuffed toys. The girls would probably wish for cloth dollies. Does Santa bring slingshots? Mum says he doesn’t give those because they are quite dangerous in the wrong hands. None of us boys have wrong hands, I promise. And only Sasha and Pippa have sun hats.  And only Bastiaan has a hoodie with a zip. We need coats, too, except for Sasha and Gregor.
That’s a lot of wishes! But we want to give Santa all of our good ideas, and then Santa can choose from them.

Mum loves dark chocolate and marzipan. She’d be happy with anything that might make us happy.


Sasha, Gregor, and their little sister Pippa; Cora, Caleb and their little sister Mimmi; Ffion Pintucks, Willow Kiltie, Rowan and her twin Rufus, Lars-Erik, Ariana and Bastiaan

Well Secret Santa Jackie certainly did VERY well at fulfilling this request! 

The boys got: a fur-trimmed winter jacket, pajamas, Christmas stocking, mitten ornaments, pink teddy bear (the girls will likely claim that!), 2 tiny toy cars, a pair of lavender sneakers (again, for the girls probably), a pair of khaki cargo pants, a maroon, waffle-knit zipped hoodie, a red long-sleeve T-shirt, a khaki backpack, a Santa gown and Santa hat with real fur trim, a tree ornament doll, a carpenter’s apron complete with tool logo, a fishing pole complete with fish, and the most incredible fishing vest I’ve ever seen!

Bastiaan, Lars-Erik, Gregor, Caleb and Rufus


Ursula wrote to Santa:

Dear Santa,

My babies have written a wish list, since they are sorely neglected and very seldom get anything new.
Mikey is a boy and Baby is a girl, so it doesn't matter if Santa finds girl or boy stuff for them.

Well Secret Santa Doll Mum certainly did an amazing and very imaginative job at fulfilling this wish list!  Ursula has written the following story with the pictures.

They had promised to be good until Christmas. Santa has been pleased with them, so a lovely play mat with hanging toys, a set of soft felt building blocks, and a wonderful story book are waiting under the Christmas tree. And an assortment of pretty buttons for Mum, so she can make those dungarees at last...

The babies approach their new play mat carefully. Is this all ours?

They are thrilled! They roll all over the floor, and over each other for joy! 

They try out their beautiful felt blocks, with letters on them - and they arrange themselves to the word "DANKE", which is German for Thank you! A miracle - the babies can't read or write...

They make such a noise that Marie comes looking. "What’s this all about?"

The babies look at Marie. Mikey says: "Read book to us? PLEEEASE!"

We have some very very happy babies this year at NeverUschi's, and they have learned that it pays to be good until Christmas. We all thank our Secret Santa Doll Mum so much for those great presents. And it's so good the babies will never grow out of them...
Thank you again for organizing Lorraine! It was such fun. I hope all the others had fun too, and are as happy with their Secret Santa gifts as we are.

Kindest regards, Ursula


Henry wrote to Santa:

Dear Santa,

We have been pretty quiet this year, although I have still got up to my adventures.  I sadly have hardly any hair now, or at least great bald patches, so Mum is hoping to get me some wigs soon. 

We don’t mind what we have for Christmas and just love surprises.  As you know we have quite a big family, so you could either give us something for someone in particular, or something that will suit anyone.  Your choice – hope this doesn’t make it difficult.

With love,

Henry and Peggy Sue received some packages from their Secret Santa Sonya:

Ooh, look how exiting  - these presents have our name on!

What did you get Henry?

A hat, dungarees and a jumper.  Henry tells her.

I got a dress!  Says Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue couldn't wait to try it on it was so prettyl.

Oh dear, it is a bit big for me. She says.

My outfit fits great!  Henry tells her.

Plus I have a hat!

Peggy Sue came up with a perfect solution though...

She gave the dress to Chrissy to try on. 

See it is a perfect fit!  Peggy Sue tells her.

Chrissy is especially pleased to get a new dress for Christmas.  She is so used to just modelling clothes and doesn't often get something of her very own.

It fits and suits her perfectly and is a lovely dress to keep her warm this winter.

Thank you Sonya for your wonderful gifts.


Part Two to follow when I get the rest of the photos : -) 


  1. Everyone seems pleased with their gifts - and it's so good they all arrived in time, and none got lost in the mail.
    Chrissie looks so happy in her new dress. Lovely colours!

    1. Some amazing gifts, lovely to see all the thought that went into them.

      Chrissy is VERY pleased with her new dress! That was an unexpected bonus ;-)

  2. Very lovely gifts! The boys are all really admiring that Star Trek shirt.

    1. The Star Trek shirt is wonderful...I am sure there are loads of boys out there envious of that and some of the other fabulous presents.

  3. What an amazing range of gifts were given and received this year. There was a an anxious time about the mail for a few days though as the parcel I sent seemed to take far longer to travel to its new owner than I had expected (and my husband didn't post it with tracking). I'm so glad the babies enjoy their playmat etc. How kind that Peggy Sue gave her oversized dress to Chrissie.

    1. Indeed, a real variety, with lots of thought and imagination. It is funny how one of the closest to travel packages too the longest!

      Peggy Sue was very thoughtful and it couldn't have gone to a better recipient, as Chrissy is always the model, but very rarely gets to keep an outfit.


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