Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Christmas Girls Days 1 - 7

The girls have been getting slowly dressed up in their Christmas dresses.  One girl each day:

Day One: Emily 

Day Two:  Sophia

Day Three:  Mary Ellen

Day Four: Molly

Day Five: Sasha

Day Six: Ziva

Day Seven: Liebe

From left to right:  Emily, Liebe, Sophia, Ziva, Sasha, Emily & Mary Ellen.

Do you think now some of us have our Christmas dresses on, that Mum will get the decorations down from the loft?  They all ponder...


  1. The girls look lovely in their holiday dresses!

    1. Thanks Steve :-) It is taking them a while to get changed as the dresses need ironing before they put them on - talk about fussy! ;-)

  2. Wow, what a variety of patterns on their dresses, you must have had fun choosing the fabrics/wool and making these dresses in the past few years.

    1. Indeed! I haven't been able to find so many good fabrics this year as the shop I used to buy my fabric and wool from has closed down :-)

  3. I think the snowman pattern is my favourite - or is it the toys pattern?
    They are all lovely!

    1. They are both great! Not sure which is my favourite.


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