Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Girls: Days 15 - 21

The girls are still getting dressed each day.

Day Fifthteen: Monica

Day Sixteen: Charlotte

Day Seventeen: Meredith

Day Eighteen: Amber

Day Nineteen: Marcia

Day Twenty: BJ (Brenda Julie)

Day Twenty-One: Sarah


  1. Hello, Ms. Serenata and everybody at Rose Cottage. I am sorry I have not posted for a while, but I continue to enjoy your blogs as do my growing family at Fern Forest. The girls look so lovely in their Christmas dresses, and the new advent calendar is interesting, if a bit confusing. I agree, the tree should have come first. Maybe then little Ollie might not have been so disappointed.

    I just wanted you to know that it does not matter how many (or how few) blogs you publish, we will enjoy them no matter what. We can imagine how hard it must be trying to keep up with so many, especially if working on the computer tires someone out.

    Since we are a mixed family of toys and dolls here at Fern Forest, we would not mind at all if Sewing and Knitting for Sasha and Gregor, and How Many Dolls? became one blog, and if it means that you are able to post more entries, even better. The Girls here love the Hitty Blog., and if Holidays With Henry combines in with other blogs, the boys will be just as thrilled with Henry's adventures as ever.

    The new hair looks really good, by the way, and the earlier Gregors did have darker hair, and Henry is still Henry, as he will always be no matter what happens. Greg, my family caretaker here at Fern Forest says that Henry must have been blessed by the Doll Angels, because he takes such wonderful care of his own doll family and is so kind to share his adventures with others. Greg can be poetic when he wants to be. From one doll caretaker to another, I hope Henry can take encouragement from that.

    Finally, we want to wish all of you at beautiful Rose Cottage a wonderful and blessed Christmas, and a joyous, and healthy, New Year. Thank you for all the pleasure you give us all.

    Marmee Elisabeth and all the toys at Fern Forest

    1. Dear Elisabeth and Fern Forest Friends, so lovely to hear from you, we wondered if all was okay. Thank you for such a lovely comment and response and encouragement. The thinking process as to how the blogs will combine and just which one to use, rename or what is still in progress, but I know it will be easier for sure.

      Henry does indeed take encouragement and thanks Greg very much.

      I hope you have a lovely Christmas, and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  2. The girls are lovely in their dresses. The patterns on the fabrics are all very cute :-).


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