Sunday, 18 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Eighteen

Henry was delighted to see Rory was home for Christmas.

They give each other a big hug as they are so pleased to see each other.

Rory is excited about opening the calendar and checks with Henry he has the date right..

It is the 18th today isn't it?  He asks.

Sure is. Henry replies.

Gosh it is up high .  Rory states.

He manages to reach over though to open the window with Henry's help.

Rory looks at the package intently.

So what is in it? Asks Henry.

Looks like it might be a little figure.  Answers Rory.

He opens the package and looks at the pieces.

Yes, here are the legs and the body.  He says.

There you go!  Rory says as he puts the man together.

Rory shows Henry that he is holding a little pan with a cake or something on it.

He is a little grumpy looking!

I think he might be one of the stall holders.  What do you think Henry?  Rory asks.


I think you may be right Rory.  Henry agrees.

Rory sets up the little man behind the stall that was made yesterday.


  1. But he looks as though he's wearing protective clothing of some kind - this is really weird! - Jocelyn


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