Thursday, 22 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twenty Two

Good morning Oliver, Henry says as he greets Oliver William.

Hello Henry. 

You ready to open the window today?  Henry asks.

If you will help me find it.  Replies Oliver William.

Of course I will.  Henry says.

Oliver lends a steadying hand as Oliver stands on the box to find the little window for today.

He reaches over with Henry's help.

Just a bit higher Henry.  Oliver says...

Here we go.  Henry holds Oliver William steady.  

What have you got there?  He asks.

I don't know.  Oliver replies.  Lots of little pieces.

I think there is a little dog in there.  He tells Henry.

All mine!  Oliver William says as he clutches the package.

No, you need to share them Oliver, but you can play with them and all the other pieces as well that make up the scene.  Henry explains.

Oh, okay, if I have to.  Oliver William says.

Look it is a little dog!

Isn't it sweet?  

There are even a couple of bones for the dog.

I'm going to put him here Henry.  Oliver William tells Henry.

Come then Oliver, shall I help you down?  Henry asks.

Yes please.  Oliver William replies.

Easy does it.

Can we stay and play a while Henry? 

Of course we can.  


  1. Wow, that window was the jackpot, I would say!

  2. The little dog looks like a husky to me. Oliver's outfit looks good on him!


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