Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twenty

Henry offered to take Ollie to his Nursery today but before that happened, he wanted to surprise Ollie.

Where are we going?  Ollie asked.

It's a surprise.  Henry tells him.

But what surprise?  Ollie asks.

Well it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you before we got there!
 Henry replies.

Here you go!  It is the Advent Calendar we have been opening.  Would you like a turn today?

Pleeeassse!  Ollie shouts.

Henry held Ollie while they looked for the window for today.

Here, let's move this box over to the side so you can reach the window for number 20.  Henry says as he moves the box.

Henry helps Ollie get back on to the box.

Now can you see a number 20 - that is a 2 and an 0. Henry explains.

Ollie looks and looks and finally with Henry's help finds it.

Henry holds him up so he can reach over and get the little package out.

Ollie looks at the package with Henry watching over him carefully.

Ollie looks puzzled.

Sweets?  He asks Henry.

No. Henry replies.  These are Lego pieces you have to put them together to build something.

Here, let me help you.  Henry sits down beside Ollie and starts putting the pieces together.

Both boys look at the pieces they have made.  

Again very odd pieces.

What's this Henry?  Ollie asks as he holds his piece up to put on the scene.

No idea Ollie.  It is a mystery!  Henry replies.

Don't like mysteries.  Ollie says.

Well that's okay Ollie, it is just part of the fun.  We might be able to work out what they are soon.  Henry tells him as he puts his arm round him.

Can we go now?  Ollie asks.

Pieces are silly!  Ollie says.

Sure Ollie, I'll take you to Nursery now.  Henry reassures him.  

What a shame Ollie didn't get something a bit more exciting in the package today.  Henry thinks to himself.  I bet Nigel was also pleased he didn't get changed out of the King Henry V costume to open today's window!


  1. Henry is so good with his little brother. Such a sweetheart!

  2. Poor Ollie for not enjoying the opening of the package. Maybe he'll have more fun when he can play with the completed set!

    1. I am sure he will enjoying playing with the complete set when it is finished.

  3. I can't figure out what the pieces are either. But how sweet of Henry to help Ollie with the calendar.

    1. Henry was very good with little Ollie, and likes to help when he can.

  4. The lego calendar is very strange - odd assortment of surprises and some of them very odd designs. Hopefully it will become clear what Ollie found in his window.

    1. Some one suggested that they were presents...so perhaps that is what they are, it kind of makes sense.


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