Friday, 23 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twenty Three

Peggy Sue was spotted whispering to Henry this morning.

Henry was seen listening intently...

You think it will be okay?  He says.

I don't see why not.  Peggy Sue answers.

Come on then, let's do it! Henry suggests.

So do you want to open today or tomorrow?  Henry asks Peggy Sue as she looks at the Advent Calendar.

I'll open today and you can do tomorrow.  She suggests.

Ooff..let's move this over here.  She says as she pushes the box closer to the calendar so she can stand on it.

Here it is!

Here Peggy Sue, let me steady you.  Henry gallantly offers.

Peggy Sue reaches into the little door.

A red package. She declares.

Is it Santa? Henry asks.

No I don't think so.  Peggy Sue replies.

See, definitely not Santa.  Peggy Sue says as she spreads the pieces out.

I think it might be his sleigh though.   She informs Henry.

Well this is a strange sleigh don't you think Henry?  Peggy Sue says.

Definitely different.  Henry agrees.

I'll put it here. Peggy Sue tells him.

Perhaps you will get Santa tomorrow.  She says as she looks over the scene with Henry.

Almost complete.

My thoughts on this Advent Calendar in comparison to previous years will follow tomorrow's post.

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  1. I've enjoyed following the opening of the Advent calendar. I've never seen one which was doll-size. Tomorrow's the big day!


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