Saturday, 24 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Twenty Four: Christmas Eve

Good morning Peggy Sue.  Henry says.  You look tired.

I am, said Peggy Sue.  I could hardly sleep last night, I am getting so excited.

So where is the window for today then?  Henry says as he looks at the Calendar.

It is right in front of you Henry!  Peggy Sue says.

So it is.  Says Henry.

He opens it up.

I am betting it is going to be Santa today.  Henry says as he reaches in to pull out the little package.

Sure looks like you might be right. Peggy Sue agrees.

I think so.  Henry says as he looks down at the little package of 'red bits'

Yup, there is a body, legs, head, beard and other things in here.  Henry says as he looks at all the pieces.

Shouldn't take me long to join them all together. Henry tells Peggy Sue as she watches.

Head and body together.

Now for the other bits.

Finished!  I'll put him with the sleigh.  Henry tells Peggy Sue..

Here you go Santa, hope on in.  Henry tells him.

Santa is already for his deliveries...although it is a rather strange contraption at the front!  

Both Peggy Sue and Henry agree on that.


So now the Advent Calendar is finished I will offer my thoughts on it in comparison to the previous years when the Sasha and Gregor 'children' have opened Playmobile ones.

The Playmobile Calendars seemed to have much better themes in which all the characters and objects fitted in properly.  Even when they weren't really Christmas related, the themes worked.  Plus the Playmobile sets all had separate theme boards so that they can be used for further play, whereas this Lego scene board is actually attached to the Calendar window box in which the little presents were inside, so it is not really reusable in terms of play and actually opening the windows each day got in the way of the scene.

This Lego Advent Calendar was disappointing on quite a few levels, as mentioned the theme board being attached, the pieces seeming to be a bit 'random' and no real theme as such apart from winter, but it all seemed a bit mix and match.  Perhaps I am missing the point, I suppose it is a 'Lego City' but there didn't really seem to be much 'story'.  For the price I won't be buying a Lego Calendar again, it was a lot more expensive than the previous years Calendars, and yes whilst Lego, and Lego always being fun, it didn't really in my mind 'do' it for us.

Previous years:

2012:  Playmobile Dinosaur Hunters - this was our first year and the boys absolutely loved this.

2013: Playmobile Winter Wonderland - the girls especially enjoyed this one with all the wild animals.

2014: Christmas Day (While trying to find this photo, I realised that instead of transferring my 2014 Photo Folder to an external drive, I must have deleted it instead - so rather devastating!  This I have copied from the post I made)

2015:    Knights and treasure

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