Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Girls have started decorating.

Some of the Christmas decorations have been brought down from the loft and the girls are busy decorating the tree.  Mary Ellen and Sophia are working on one...

Lots of decorations to choose from.

Emily is sorting out the sled, and has put a sack in it ready for the wished for presents from Santa.

Molly has got the lights on the other tree

and Sasha has been busy putting the decorations up.

A little bit of work to go yet, but I doubt it will take them long!

Meanwhile, Day Eight has seen Sally choose a Christmas dress.

It matches her JJ shoes.


  1. The girls look so festive in their pretty Christmas dresses. I love all the patterns. My girls are so envious - I managed to sew only ONE dress yet!

    1. Fortunately these were all made previous years! They did some more decorating today - the trees have all their pretty ornaments on them now.


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