Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Seven

Goodness me, it is the seventh already!

Thomas joins Henry this morning to search for window number seven.

I think it is over here...  Thomas says.

I don't think so Thomas.  Henry tells him...

Thomas looks over to Henry.  Gosh you are right!  It is on your side.  He gasps.

They swap sides.

Thomas opens the window...

...and reaches in.

Oh, lots of little pieces in this little bag.  He tells Henry.

Hmm...this is strange.  What do you think it is Henry?  Thomas asks.

No idea.  Henry replies.  I am sure it will all be made clear eventually.

The boys play with the various different things that have been built so far.

Henry sets up the people on the stage again as they had all fallen over while Thomas decides where to put his 'thing'.

Perhaps it should go here?  He suggests.

Both boys enjoy playing for a while, before wandering off to find out what the other lads are up to.


  1. Lots of fun! You've got the boys all speculating on what the mystery piece could be. Time does seem to be moving very quickly, or else I'm moving slow.

    1. It is great fun. As for time, I am sure it is both moving faster and I'm moving slower! I seemed to be able to accomplish so much more in the past than I do now.

    2. I think he put the mystery piece in the right place - it looks like a life belt for the pond.

  2. Oh, dear. Benjamin Roy and Pete have seen your post with the Lego Advent calendar. Now they want one! Great post!

    1. They are addictive - I think this is the fourth Christmas we have had these Advent Calendars now, although we always had playmobile ones in the past.


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