Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Advent 2016 - Day Thirteen

Hi there Albert.  Henry greets Albert.

Hello Henry.  Albert replies.

Do you want to have a go at the Advent Calendar today?  Henry asks.

Oh yes I do please.  Albert tells him shyly.

Henry helps Albert look for the window today.

They have found it.

I open it like this...Albert says.

A package!

Oh look it is a little man to put together.  Albert says.

Albert puts the little man together and shows Henry.

Well done Albert.  Henry says encouragingly.

Albert is pleased with his little man, although is still a shy boy, even though he has been here almost a whole year now, arriving for Christmas last year.

12 more days to Christmas Day!


  1. Albert is a wonderful boy and smart too managing to assemble the little man. He should overcome his shyness over time. ;)

    I am enjoying your Advent posts very much and I am finally catching up on blog reading. Merry Christmas! :) xxx

    1. I think because it took a year to discover his name is part the reason he is so shy, but as you say, hopefully over time he will become more confident :-)

  2. What a sweet boy! Though he looks very earnest and focused, I believe Albert was happy he could open today's door.

    1. He is very sweet, and I do believe he was very happy to open the little door to find what was inside.

  3. Ein kleines Deutsches Kind! Lucky you to have Albert as these are such cute dolls. I bet he and Henry are fond of each other.


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