Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pretty in Pink - 2012

2012 saw some more girls 'Pretty in Pink' some wearing clothes I had made the year before, some wearing new clothes I had made, been given or bought.

The lovely Victoria wearing a dress I made in 2012 teamed with a pair of cute pink shoes, holding her teddy which was a gift from Harry and Harper when they came to stay.

Sweet Judie (no longer with me) wearing her Dolly Doodles outfit


Harlequin (Clementine, no longer with me) wearing a knitted pink dress (forgotten who made it) teamed with pink boots and waistcoat made by Jean Jensen.

Grace on her pink NZ Sheepskin rug sent by the dear Erica

Sisters, Judie and Julie (BJ) in their Dolly Doodles outfits

Marcia in the pink knitted dress worn about by Harlequin

Melody and Angela (both no longer with me

Emily and Tilly Rose

April (no longer with me)

Tilly Rose in what I think might be a Magic Attic outfit.

Sally modelling a dress I made by commission.

Bethany (no longer with me)

Maggie (no longer with me)

Ira (no longer with me)

Six out of fourteen girls still with me.

Edited to add: A couple of pink knits!


  1. Your girls are very lucky they can choose from such a range of beautiful clothes! I must turn the laptop so mine can't see the monitor, else they will be pretty envious!

    1. They are indeed, although I don't have all of these clothes now - some were made for others.

  2. Your girls are very lucky to have so many clothes to choose from in the delightful pink colour!
    Sad though to see that so many of the dolls are no longer with you BUT I'm sure that they will be having a fun time in their new homes. I know that we all have to take stock and reduce their numbers from time to time...I will be doing the very same later this year as we have completely run out of standing/sitting space here and I'm not encouraging any lying around...well apart from the babies having the odd nap now and then!
    (BTW. My favourite photo today has to be no 2.)

    1. They are indeed, although fortunately I didn't have to actually go through the clothes to dress them, with these being older photos. It is really surprising just how much pink I have had though. ! It is sad that not all the dolls are still with me, but hey ho a lesson was learnt for sure. It is all too easy to get carried away.
      That is my favourite photo as well :-)

  3. A very beautiful post of your lovely Sashas in their pink. My favorite is your beautiful Victoria and her pretty dress. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger :-) Victoria is beautiful in that colour isn't she?


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