Friday, 27 May 2016

Fashion on Friday

I've decided to call my knitting and sewing round up for the week 'Fashion on Friday' for want of a better name.

First up is Edward modelling a sweater made with pure New Zealand Merino wool, teamed with a pair of 'Kiwiana' trousers made with some of the fabulous fabric I bought while in New Zealand in March.

Next up is Maddison modelling 'Fresh as a  Daisy' outfit, which consists of 3/4 daisy denim print trousers with a white blouse.

After modelling the lovely cream sweater last week and having to part with it, I made Marcia one of her own.

It is slightly different. and was also seen in my 'Wordless Wednesday' post.

I completed the teal tunic order and that is on its way to its new owner.

I knitted a couple of baby rompers this week as well.

Grace is wearing a lilac hues combination.

Whilst Amelia is wearing the blue one.

They look so sweet in these rompers.

Lastly I made one of my Festival Donation items for the CFA. 

Modelled by the gorgeous Monica

Most items on this page are available to purchase.  If interested in any please contact me - information on my Sales pages found here and here 

I also made a dress and headscarf for Ruby, my muse.

She too has enjoyed sitting amongst the daisies.


  1. Dear Lorraine,
    I have been so remiss in commenting. I'm very sorry. Your posts about the Sasha celebration were very much appreciated. I found them very interesting and entertaining. Any little glimpse into the Sasha world is enjoyable. And today, what a feast for the eyes. While I love all your dolls/outfits, I must say I'm particularly taken with the daisy outfit. Such a sweet and fresh look for the upcoming summer months.

    Oh, and the other thing I have been meaning to write about, your color posts. What I found most interesting was how frequently a few of your girls appeared. It was also fun to see different interpretations within a color scheme.

    Hope your're having a lovely day,

    1. Thank you Julie, for your lovely comment. Always encouraging :-) Glad you enjoyed the Celebration posts. It is nice to be able to share these events with those who haven't been able to attend.

      I think the colour posts, also highlight that I favour some! Oops... Mind you saying that the majority of my girls are blonde anyway. Glad you enjoyed the colour posts. It was fun, and I think I will do it with some more colours too.

  2. Wow, you've been busy this week - all different and special in their own way. I, like Julie, particularly like the daisy outfit - what a great combination of fabrics and design.

    1. Thank you DM, I have been busy both with knitting, sewing and some gardening, although it still feels like I'm not achieving much!

  3. Great output of Sasha clothing this week! Everything seemed to get finished and come together really well. Some achievement I'd say and with some gardening for good measure thrown in too! Wish that I could say the same of MY last week!

    1. Thank you Kendal, it feels good to achieve something, even if not what I should really be doing!


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