Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Pretty in Pink - 2014

It seems 2014 wasn't an especially popular year for pink with quite a few of the dresses having been shown in previous years, but being worn by different girls.

Meredith is seen the garden wearing this dress I made a couple of years previously.

Little Erica Michelle wearing a little pink dress

Mary-Ellen in a knit sweater made a couple years previously.

Weaver in a right mix of clothing!  Only the cardigan was made by me.

Victoria in one of my hand knitted tunic dresses and tights made by me.

Sasha in tunic and hat made by myself.

A pink hat made for the 2014 Sasha Festival

and another

and another!

Grace wearing a little pink knitted outfit received as a 'Secret Santa' gift.

All girls still with me.


  1. How nice they are all with you today. Just beautiful Sashas. Your little Erica and Mary Ellen are so adorable and Meredith is a shining star! :) xxx

    1. It is indeed...not many ever leave now!


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