Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thunderbirds are Go!

It's the weekend and the boys are hanging around wondering what to do.

Henry has found some packages on the bench wrapped in tissue paper.

I wonder what these are?  He thinks to himself. Oh wow!

Hey guys, come and see what I have found,  he calls out to them.

They turn round to look...

...and walk over to see.

How cool is this?  Henry asks.

Pretty soon the boys have grabbed a package each and are unwrapping them.

Henry has his unwrapped already.

Thomas has also got his open and Francis has almost unwrapped his.

Gwilym is excited to see his as well.

Henry starts untying his laces.

The boys are getting undressed...

Henry pulls up his trousers... Thomas takes off his shirt.

Goodness that was quick Henry!  Thomas says.

Francis and Gwilym discuss the merits of the different Gwilym does like purple very much and I suspect is wondering if Francis will swap.

Thomas is struggling a bit.

Henry wanders over to help Thomas.

Here, I will do up the back for you.  Henry says to Thomas.

Francis and Gwilym are still trying to decide whether or not to swap tops.

Looks like they agreed to swap as both Henry and Thomas help them do up the back of their tops.

Well that is four of us!  Gwilym says to Henry

Looks like there is another one.  Francis points out as the boys have a look.

Who do you think will want to join us?

Just then Rory walks over to see what the boys are doing.  Francis waves out to him.

We are going to be playing Thunderbirds Rory.  Henry tells him.  I think there is another outfit for you?

But why do I want to dress up in that when I am a sailor?  Rory asks.

To have fun!  Henry says laughing.  Come on, even sailors have time off.

Yes but I get to explore the world.  Rory says..

Yeah, but you don't get to dress up and play Thunderbirds on board.  Henry puts forward a good argument.

Hmmm...that package does look tempting.  Rory agrees.

It doesn't take him long to decide.

He is soon unwrapping it.

I wonder what colour mine will be?  He thinks.

It doesn't take long and Rory has the outfit on and Henry is doing up the back for him. 

See don't you look smart?!  The boys all tell Rory, who does look mighty fine in his outfit.

But you need to put shoes on.  Rory points out to the others.

They sit down to put their shoes on.

There!  All set!

Thunderbirds are Go!

The boys are ready for some adventures.

Hopefully the boys will work out how to put their hats on properly in the meantime!

(The Thunderbird outfits are made by the imaginative and talented Vicky Chapman)


  1. These outfits look smart! I wonder where they came from.
    Now the boys look ready to save the world.

    1. Sorry, I have added who made them to the blog post. Vicky Chapman made them.

  2. What a lovely story,to see them unwrap their packages and undress."They sit down to put their shoes on", is the photo I like best, just like real children would. Thank you for this post, xxx Fanny

    1. You are welcome Fanny :-) So glad you enjoyed the post. They had such fun.

  3. Very delightful story and beautiful pictures! Even though Sasha dolls are very posable, I would say it requires a lot effort to make many excellent pictures so that the poses look natural. You are a great storyteller! What an excellent team!

    1. Thank you Halyna, so glad you enjoyed the story, it certainly did take some time! :-)

  4. Have only just come across these two delightful 'Thunderbird' posts. How lucky then are your lads! Love the different coloured bands. Will they all be coming in these outfits to the Sasha Celebration Weekend then?

    1. The lads are very lucky indeed :-) I doubt they will be coming to the Sasha weekend.

    2. Everybody at our house loves the Thunderbirds and all the other Supermarionation shows by Gerry Anderson. We can't get enough of the marionettes. Henry

  5. Yeaa. Henry!!!! Way to go Lorraine!!! I love it all, Norvell.

  6. Love it! What wonderful detail and storytelling.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I now do my blogging over at :)


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