Sunday 29 May 2016

Introducing Joel

A third Course boy arrived late last year in November.  For some reason I don't seem to have taken any 'arrival' photos of him which is most unusual.  He came wearing his red sweater, scarf and a pair of black corduroy trousers.  

I changed him into a pair of denim overalls and made him a pair of shoes.

His hair isn't the best, but it is his original so at present I am keeping him as he is.  

His name is Joel.  

He has quite soft features.

His new shoes.


  1. A handsome little man in comfy clothes!

  2. What a very handsome Course Doll Noel is and with the true English colouring, blonde hair and blue eyes! I love his hair 'just the way you are/ is for you are.
    Those AG Dungarees are a perfect fit and suit him 'down to a T' as the saying goes. Three times I have purchased and then sold on these dungarees... being disappointed with them when on the 42cms Sasha Dolls but are a great fit on the Course dolls!

    1. I think I can interpret what you said in the second sentence Kendal! ;-) I think it is fine how it is as well... You are right, he does have a true English sister used to be very much like him thinking about it.

      I love the dungarees on these course boys, they work so well for them.


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