Saturday, 28 May 2016

More Matching Sasha & Gregor Outfits!

Going through my 'archives' I found another couple of matching boy and girl outfits...

These were the first knitted items I made for Sasha & Gregor - I didn't even have shoes for them then!

Another very early outfit set I made.  Sadly this boy is no longer with me...if I knew then what I knew now he still would be as he had a very good head of hair!


  1. I was very taken with this latest Facebook theme of matching outfits as it brought out some most interesting resulting photos. You certainly had a good number of examples to show from your collection.
    We won't mention about the Frido/Trendon falling hair problem as it's such a shame and disappointment especially when it's my favourite Sasha hair/eye colour scheme.

    1. It was a fun theme, and I am enjoying an 'excuse' to go back and look at old photos and blog posts. It was fun rediscovering these photos.


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