Thursday, 12 May 2016

Good behaviour and excitement building...

Baby Barney Bam  Bam is out in the garden in his new romper suit knitted for him yesterday.

He is being unusually well behaved and placid today.

Is he looking at the birds?

Looks like he has picked a daisy...

What a sweet little boy.

Elsewhere in the garden..

Molly and Maddison are busy discussing something.

Henry approaches and wonders if they know what he knows?

Hey there girls.  Henry says.

Hi, they answer back.

Are you excited?  He asks.

Of course we are!  They reply.

Bonnie and Baby approach

Can we come too?  Bonnie asks.

Baby BB babbles something as well.  Henry looks down and tries to interpret what he is asking.

Of course you can!  Maddison tells them, having worked out exactly what Baby Barney was also asking. (No wonder he has been on his best behaviour!)

It is so exciting!  They chat about the Sasha Celebration Weekend they are going to and wonder what time they will get there tomorrow.  They are looking forward to seeing and meeting all their friends.


  1. everyone looks excited and ready to go!! tell them that Auntie Marti is very jealous!! Have fun!

  2. Our crew are very excited too and are looking forward to meeting their friends tomorrow!!!


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