Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2016: Part Two: Saturday

So Saturday morning seemed to come round very quickly...

While I was at breakfast with the rest of the weekend seemed Henry and Edward went out exploring.

They found a fun tree to climb.

Come on Edward this way!

Edward follows Henry

See I told you it would be good fun coming with me.  Henry says to Edward.

I didn't realise there would be trees to climb!  Edward replies.

The boys continue their conversation

as only boys do...

Come on, let's go and sit by the lake.  Henry suggests.

They sit down and wonder if they will see any birds.

Edward looks down towards the lake.

He looks up...

I can't see any birds, he says.

I wonder where they have gone?

Perhaps it is too early for them?  Henry comments.

Meanwhile back in the hotel we have gathered ready for the morning activities.

We wait for all to arrive.

Kendal tells us a little about her display of dolls and her life with Sasha dolls.

Janet announces the mornings activities and tells us to form an orderly queue.  

What delights await us in the rooms.  

One room is dedicated to Kendal's amazing collection.

These were just amazing.

Simply delightful.

The light was optimal for photographing the dolls but I did my best to do them justice.

Some close ups:

Gorgeous Studio girl

Course girl.

Love this girl!

Studio baby.

The rest of the brood:


The morning workshops were fantastic!  They really were superb fun and the workshop leaders and put a lot of work and thought into them.

Emma led a shoe making workshop

There were some very industrious cobblers busy making shoes...

A shoe almost completed.

One finished boot.

Doll Mum taught us how to make marionettes.

Ginger waits for the glue to dry...

Some very busy hands at work...required deep concentration.

Ginger proudly shows her finished ostrich.

Some more!

Edward holds  his - these really were great fun to make.

Theresa had a mask making workshop which was also extremely good fun.

Mask makers hard at work.

This mask was very impressive and perfect for one of the Sherwood Forest babies.

Jane W had made some lovely little crochet bags for us to decorate

This was also a lot of fun and I am sure there are some very happy Sasha girls out there now with their new shoulder bags.

Judith lead a play mat workshop.

A sample of what we could aim for!

Lots of hard crafting going on here.

Making good progress...

Meanwhile it seems the word had got out...

...the gathering was growing in size... was being prepared...

Others gathered to chat

...some were rather tired it seemed.

Soon it was time for lunch.

After lunch we all gathered for the drawing of the raffle.

Theresa's lovely grand daughter drew out the first ticket.

Liss was the lucky winner of the main prize.

She was absolutely delighted as earlier in the day she said she was going to win the first prize - and sure enough she did!  What a fantastic surprise!

There were lots of happy winners.

Annette was thrilled to choose a doll from the prizes.

Doll Mum and her daughter go up to choose their prize

Someone looks absolutely delighted!

Doll Mum's daughter has a new baby. 

There were a lot of raffle prizes so it went on for quite a the clock shows!

Finally it is time to call out the last prize cans see the Sasha waiting patiently on the table....

The number is called out...Janet is looking in my direction....but it is not me...

but Jonny!

To say he was thrilled is probably an understatement!


I think so!

Just look at that smile!

But still the day isn't over....

Now is the time for the sales tables!

Judith sets up her table.

Janet sets up hers.

Sarah helps Marilyn set up.

Lots of wonderful tables with a variety of items available to purchase.

Liss and Janet deep in discussion.

Emma's gorgeous sets.

I am quite sure lots of money exchanged hands as lots of spending was done by many of the weekend attendees...

But still the day wasn't over!

It was time for our evening dinner.

Janet M waits with her girl wearing her mask and holding her new marionette.

We had a private dining area for the Saturday night dinner.  Unfortunately it had 'mood lighting' so was very dim and dark and not really favourable to photo taking.

The tables were nicely laid.

They start to fill...

Dolls are set up on the table.

A small gathering...

Quite a few came in their masks

all looked delightful in their imaginative creations.

After dinner the lights were turned on so a few more photographs were able to be taken.

Janet receives a lovely bunch of flowers for all her hard work.

Kendal has a surprise.. she is presented with a wonderful trophy and card.

She was delighted.

Alice was very happy to receive a prize for her mask.

Sitting at our table was Jonny, the creator of the wonderful 'Nini Dolls' .  His website can be found here.  As such we were privileged to have a special doll at our table as well...

This girl 'Lost at the Fair' is completely handmade by Jonny right down to all her clothes and footwear.  He uses a mixture of vintage and natural fabrics and fibres and attention to detail is amazing.

I have admired Jonny's amazing creativity since he first started making these dolls and so it was a real treat to see one up close and personal...  this girl really is special indeed!  No doubt more will be seen of her in the future ;-)

Maddison and her masked friend are starting to feel tired as the evening drew to a close....

Part Three to come....


  1. I am so pleased you captured those wonderful close up of Kendals Brood, mine are not as good. And the photos of a certain young lady with her new baby doll are great - thank you - she is still quivering with the delight of having one of our tickets picked very early which meant the baby was still on the table.

    1. It was wonderful to see Kendal's Brood all together in one place. The lighting was difficult to get decent photos. I am sure a certain young lady is indeed delighted.

    2. and thank you for your compliments about my workshop. It was so good to observe everyone getting stuck in and the conversations as we made things were a real pleasure.

  2. So much fun to see the photos and read your descriptions. Thank you for doing this for us <3

    1. You are welcome Vicki, glad you enjoyed the photos.

  3. These pics really capture the mood of how it was and the pictures of Doll Mum's daughter and in particular the emotion on Jonny's is nothing short of brilliant! Makes me emotional just looking and remembering! Brilliant and lots of hard work from you x

    1. It was hard work sorting out all the photos, but worth it to bring enjoyment to others and to just give a glimpse of all that happened and the many happy emotions etc... Glad you enjoyed.

  4. I love the photos, from the boys outside to the excited faces of raffle winners and evening awards. The closeups of some of Kendal's Sasha Brood are wonderful.

    1. Thank you Janet :-) I didn't put in ALL the photos - but tried to pick just some of the best and choice ones. Hopefully I did Kendal's display justice.

  5. Fantastic photos of a magnificent SCW weekend. A wonderful record of so much fun and laughter.
    Don't know just where you found the time to take 'Dear' Henry and Edward out and about in those magnificent grounds but they were well worth it!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Kendal. I took 'Dear' Henry and Edward out first thing in the morning ;-) I always wake up early!

  6. Thank you Lorraine for taking so many fantastic photos of the different events and the outdoor photos too! I really enjoyed the close up photos of Kendal's brood and those of the raffle winners. It was nice to see the sales tables too beforehand. It was all a very wonderful time together. :) xxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Ginger. It was a very fun time indeed.


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