Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2016: Part One: Friday

Well what an amazing weekend, full of fun, friends and of course Sasha and Gregor!  What more could one ask for?!

The Second Sasha Celebration Weekend was again well organised (thanks to all the work put in by Janet, Theresa and Tricia) and I think I am probably speaking for everyone when I say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

So Friday we arrived...

The boys were very excited.

Edward and Henry were waiting excitedly by the door whilst I wheeled in my luggage!

We took it up to our room, which was nice and spacious.


The shower was so powerful it actually hurt and felt like red hot needles, but was great for easing aches and pains!

We all congregated in the  lounge area 

Ginger, Steve, Janet & Kendal

Iris is doing some knitting.

My lot are already watching out for friends.

Henry, Baby Barney Bam Bam, Bonnie, Molly, Maddison and Edward.

Behind them is the lovely Fiona.

Ginger's lovely foursome with of course the infamous Finn and Gertie.

Theresa, Laura and Wendy looking at the menu choosing what they are going to have for dinner..

Jo, Rosie and Judith looking at Rosie's new Müller doll.

Jonny had a perpetual smile on his face and it was fabulous meeting him.  Chris and Paula are looking at the amazing 'new' member of Chris' family.

Someone looks the proud mother!

Meeting and greeting and drinking!  Cheers!  Janet, Rosie, Paula & Laura.

Jane S, Diane P, Shelley and Petrana.

Before long it seemed it was time for dinner.

From front to back left side:  Laura, Paula, Emma & Liss
From front to back right side: Kendal, Chon, Sarah & Janet M

Kendal & her lovely daughter Chon and Sarah.

Emma (I'm listening intently) and Liss totally absorbed with her dessert!

The table I sat at:  DollMum, Jo, Iris, Jane, Jocelyn and Alison

Gill, Marilyn, Elizabeth and Ann

Dawn, Sharon, Fiona, Alan & Tricia

Wendy's husband (?). Wendy, James, Steve, Jonny, Chris & Chris

Jane, Alice, Dee & Paul

Sharon, Ginger & Janet

Diane, Shelley, Rosie

Annette & Judith

Trish & Ginger

Diane & Shelley 

Iris & Jane W

Ooh I hope that isn't on?!  It looks a long way down...'Don't let me fall'  The little one grabs hold of his bigger sister.

Janet's fabulous dolls that illustrate her work.

Two lone Sherwood Forest dwellings waiting for visitors to the forest.

Lastly for Friday night a view of the raffle prizes - there were a lot, thanks to the amazing generosity of the Sasha World and the tickets sold out Friday night so more had to be bought as not everyone got a chance to purchase some!

The blonde girl, done in the style of an original Sasha was styled and painted by Janet and was the last prize.  

The first prize was this lad, donated by Gayle, dressed and hand painted by Rosie

What an amazing selection of raffle prizes indeed!

Next....Part Two: Saturday


  1. Brilliant stuff, Lorraine - and I'm so glad we both managed to get there! - Jocelyn

    1. Thanks Jocelyn, so am I! I am hoping to get all the photos done today while I am still on a high so I can crash the rest of the week! ;-)

  2. Lovely photos and nice to see names of people not met before! Keep well and enjoy your prizes! Xx

  3. Gosh!! Great photos Lorraine!! It was so nice to match names to the faces of all the wonderful Sasha people who I have known for many years. What great fun!

    1. It was indeed fun Cathy. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. lovely pictures, Lorraine, thank you

    1. Thank you Shelley, it was a wonderful weekend, and so good to spend time with you again.

  5. wow, you've done 3 blog posts already and me barely home from visiting my cousin after the Celebration weekend. I'm glad you got home safely and what a lovely record of all the fun we had. It is so good to see all those smiling faces, the gorgeous dolls and that tantalising table of raffle prizes!

    1. I wanted to get them done so I can spend the rest of the week recovering! I had a good journey home and although really tired felt very inspired after such a wonderful weekend.

  6. I am so glad you did such an excellent job of recording our event Lorraine, I feel like I missed it so this is a real treat!

    1. Thank you Janet. That is the problem when you are so involved as an organiser, you miss so much of what is happening - people don't always realise, so I am glad this has given you a chance to see some of what you may have missed in all the hustle, bustle and excitement.

  7. Super to see all these fab Friday's photos as I was absent for most of this time unpacking and then setting up the Brood's display and then too 'whacked' to venture down to the halls after dinner.

  8. Fabulous photos Lorraine and thank you for this great post! I am very, very late in commenting and hope to catch up very soon. It was a fantastic event and I am so glad that I was able to attend. Your photos are bringing a big smile to my face. I so enjoyed my time in England. :) xxx


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