Friday, 20 May 2016

Knitting on Friday

I've had quite a productive week knitting wise (although not much else has been achieved!)

I finished another little romper suit for baby Alfie this time.

I've almost finished a tunic dress for an order, but ran out of yarn so waiting for an extra ball to arrive!

I made a little short sleeve tunic dress modelled here by Susan

Mary Ellen also wanted to model it as she thought the teal would go good with her red hair.

I discovered an unfinished cardigan in my basket, so finished that.

Susan thinks it goes perfectly well with jeans.

Lastly I designed a sweater as a request for a friend.

Marcia is modelling it here.

I think it looks great with jeans, and she agrees.

It does up at the back with three buttons.

Ruby is modelling the prototype.


  1. Always a good feeling to finally get things as to be able to start on knitting some new items.

    1. It is indeed a great feeling of satisfaction to finish those WIPS! I have one more 'large person' to finish and the rest is all new.

  2. Susan is right about the cardigan. The romper suit is sooo sweet - but my favourite is the white sweater. Looks gorgeous on both dolls.

    1. Thank you. I am rather pleased with the white sweater, just a shame Marcia can't keep it!

  3. I like the colour of that sweater dress (but then turquoise is one of my favourites).

    1. That turquoise is a lovely colour. Actually going through my Makie clothes today discovered I had also knitted a little dress (like the style Wren was wearing) in that colour also.


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