Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2016: Part Three: Sunday - Saying Goodbye and a Spot of Fishing???

We breakfasted together on Sunday morning and then it was time to gather for some last photos...

Saying goodbye to friends old and new

A lovely gathering here

Nearly time for the Merry Men and Women to say their goodbyes.

Doll Mum's daughter entered into the spirit of the moment.

We all gather for a group photo session.

It was a truly fabulous weekend.  I had so much fun as did everyone else.  It is really wonderful to gather with a group of like minded people who enjoy this wonderful hobby.

Many thanks for all the hard work involved Janet - you should be really proud of yourself  - it was a real success.  Also many thanks to her faithful helpers, Tricia and Theresa.

A few people are unfortunately not in the group photo I have as some had had to leave and some came in later 'one by one' and as such were missed out as the lovely husband of Fiona, could only take so many photos with each person's camera!  So a special thanks to Alan as well for taking the final group photos for us all.

But what did Henry get up to while I was having fun?

Seems like he was having some fun of his own....

He met a new friend and they went fishing!

Seems some fish have been caught already.

Hang on a minute...what is happening here?

'Glug glug glug....I can't see any fish!'

Some take the whole fishing thing very seriously indeed!


Fishing is recommenced...

Henry looks over and is glad he is sitting down safely...

He is quite astounded at the lengths some will go to catch fish!

Fish for supper?


  1. Hi Lorraine thank you for doing such a terrific post on the Celebration weekend. So happy that everyone enjoyed it. i have not long arrived home, happy but completely pooped. Please make sure that Henry dries off well xx

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Theresa, it was a wonderful weekend. Fortunately it wasn't Henry that fell in the water! ;-) That WOULD have been a disaster.

  2. Very lovely group photo of the weekend celebration Lorraine!! And oh my goodness, Looks like Henry's fishing buddy had a tough time! Although I do believe he had a whopper of a fish on the end of his line which pulled him in!

    1. Yes I think it must have been a VERY BIG fish! ;-)

  3. Perfect Lorraine, I have just had a delightful 30 minutes drinking tea, eating breakfast and reliving all these memories. The fishing shots are so sweet for the end and how funny is the one of Henry's friend face down!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and the fishing shots gave you a bit of a laugh. It was a fun finale!

  4. I am glad Henry was sensible when fishing, it seems his friend was not in the mood to be careful near water and mud! The weekend was over far too quickly - it was such fun.

  5. Your photography has been as wonderful as ever throughout the weekend and I love the idea of the whole (well not quite ALL as some folks had to start heading home early... but the idea is still there!) attendee group one on the Sunday morning.
    Extra special thanks to YOU for taking the panoramic photos of The Brood's display and which will be a truly wonderful reminder of this one and only 'on mass' grouping of all 78 of them.
    Really enjoyed the fishing photos at the end. Do hope that Henry's friend has got over the shock of falling into the lake and that his clothes have now dried out and are none the worst for this adventure.

  6. Thank you Lorraine for the great SCW photos on your blog. I hope Henry's fishing buddy enjoyed his day and dried out later. Really a great photo there!! :) xxx


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