Saturday, 30 April 2016

Pretty in Pink - 2011

A week of 'Pretty in Pink' is currently featuring on FB so I thought it would be fun to reminisce and go back over the years and post photos of my girls 'Pretty in Pink' for each year since 2011.  It is certainly interesting going back and looking at these old photos, seeing things I have made in the past, and the way my photography has improved.  It is also fun  to see who has stayed and who has moved on.

All clothing is made by me unless I say otherwise.

Monica in a lovely smocked dress she arrived in.




Sweater knitted by Jane W,  leggings by me.

Emily in a dress made by myself.

Bethany (no longer with me)

Liebe (before I knew how to pose her properly by the looks of things!)

Lucy (no longer with me) in a Dolly Doodles Outfit 

Maisie (no longer with me)

Maggie (no longer with me) wearing a cardigan and matching beret (I can't remember the person who knitted this) jeans and t shirt made by myself.



Five out of nine girls still with me!


  1. I always thought I don't really like pink - but looking at these outfits makes me think again - your girls look so good in them.

    1. I didn't think I did either, so was quite surprised to realise just how many pink outfits mine do have or that I have made!

      Thank you :-)

  2. Yet more pretty girls 'In the Pink!' Like you I rather enjoy going back and looking atg my older photos and dolls that have since moved on to pastures new.
    Smiled when you mentioned about 'before you learnt to pose theze dolls!' When I look back to my early Sasha collecting years I well remember literally just picking up a doll, plonking her down, snapping a photo and then onto the next one without a second thought of how she/he would actually look in the resulting photo.
    (Luckily like you I soon got the message and began to take a better look at their postures before finally pressing the camera's 'take' button.)

    1. Isn't it fun? Rather time consuming but still really interesting. It is good to learn, that is some of the fun I think.

  3. A very pretty and pink post. Thank you for sharing your lovely Sasha family and seeing who has been adopted out. Emily is a very dear girl. :) xxx

    1. It has brought back some fond memories of dolls who visited for a while, but moved on. Emily is indeed a dear girl and a firm favourite of mine.


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