Saturday, 23 April 2016

Green in the Garden Theme

The theme for the last week on the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook has been 'Green'  so I thought it would also be fun to post my pictures of some of my gang in green on here...  some photos taken today, a lot are photos taken in the past.

Today Alice and Weaver take a stroll between showers wearing their green dresses (even though they don't show up especially green in this photo!) Weaver's dress is a combination of blue and green butterflies.

Caleb is off on a hike in his Jean Jensen outfit.

Emily is wearing a lovely smoked dress today which was worn by...

Molly last summer.

Last summer Emily was seen sporting this lovely green smocked dress.

The delectable Stevie loves her green outfit (cardigan knitted by myself)

Henry in green in Kerikeri in March this year.

Cora is wearing a green striped dress I made last year.

It really brings out her colouring.

Sally is wearing one of my NZ Batik Koru dresses.

In this photo we have Victoria wearing this dress.  Doesn't she look lovely in the daisies? 

Susan is wearing an outfit I made a couple of years ago.

Tilly Rose is sporting green in this outfit I made several years ago.

BJ is wearing an outfit I made back in 2012

Green corduroy and beret dress made by myself several years ago now

Rory is more often than not sporting his sailor outfit nowadays, but was often seen in green with his green frog friends.

Henry in green playing with Autumn leaves

Molly in a green knitted outfit I made several years ago.

I realised going back through my photos that I have a lot of greens in various outfits - but picked out the ones that feature in the garden.  There are so many different shades - some look almost blue in some of the photos, but they are indeed in the green spectrum.

I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I adore Susan, Sally and Victoria's dresses the most. Those dollies look good in everything. I especially love the rich colours in the New Zealand Batik fabric. I didn't know they made this kind of fabric there. My sister goes there a lot with her husband (he grew up there) so i will have to ask her to bring me back a piece.

    1. Thank you Lizzie. I love the New Zealand Batik - I bought the first lot in 2012 when I was visiting my parents...they all have NZ themes, flora, fauna and NZ emblems. Email me as to whereabouts your BIL's family are from and if near the areas I know I can give you some addresses of some fabulous quilting shops that sell this lovely fabric.

  2. These photos just go to show and confirm how this fresh and lovely/easy on the eye GREEN colour perfectly suits our Sasha Doll's overall darker skin and blonde, brunette and red hair colourings.
    My favourite of the photos today are of Susan, Cora, Rory with Kermit and 'Dear' Henry in the Autumn leaves.

    1. Doesn't it indeed? You don't always think about the colours when you dress them - not the bigger picture - I knew I had greens and that they look good in them, but when you go back through photos, or sort through their clothing you realise just how much of some colours you have.

      Those are some of my favourite photos as well.

  3. A very lovely post Lorraine. I loved seeing all of the green outfits and visiting with your Sasha family members. Rory and Emily are among my favorites of your Sasha clan. :) xxx


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