Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent Day Seven & Day Eight

Yesterday I had to go into the National Neurology Hospital for a Ketamine Infusion to see if it will help reduce the pain.  I took trusty Henry with me, but he didn't even really see the light of day as I had a few problems while there.  My heart rate dropped to 40 and my blood pressure went very low.  Then I had some 'strange side effects' from the infusion and they had to stop it for a while.  My younger son reckons I was stoned!  Well if that is what it feels like you can keep it!  Fortunately they were able to finish the infusion, but as such I was in London for a lot longer than we anticipated.  Still I am hoping that it may perhaps have worked.  We will see when I get on with my chores around the house this morning!  

Anyway as such the boys didn't get to open the calendar yesterday, however they were very patient and waited until today.

It was Caleb's turn to open window number seven which he was delighted to do.

Connor, Peter, Henry & Elliot watch on with excitement.

I wonder what is inside?

Caleb pulls out a plastic bag...

He sits down to open it to find some tools for digging, a spade, a pick and an axe.

It is Elliot's turn next.

He finds window number eight and bends down to open it.

Elliot is thrilled to be opening a window as he doesn't get to join in with the others much as his hair is falling so much...

However, being Christmas the poor lad just couldn't be left out.  In fact I think I will surprise him and also make him a Christmas outfit, carefully removing his blue jumper/sweater without hopefully losing too much hair!

He holds up his bag in excitement

He is so pleased to have got what look like dinosaur bones, and I couldn't have wished for a better surprise for this little lad.

Elliot sits down to work out how to put it all together, while the other lads crowd round.

They are all giving him helpful advice!

Looks like he has managed to get the rib cage together

Henry gives him a few more suggestions...

Yeah!  The dinosaur is complete!

I don't think Elliot can quite believe his eyes!

Caleb and Elliot were well awarded for their patience yesterday and all the boys settle down for a morning of play.


  1. Awww this is so lovely! I love Elliot, isn't he handsome, I hope his hair stays around a while longer, bless him. I'm so tempted to get a brunette Gregor myself. I'm sorry to hear that your day didn't go so well yesterday, I hope you feel much better today.
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx
    PS love Caleb's snazzy trousers!

  2. Very cute story!

    I'm so sorry that you had such a challenging day. I pray that it helps you. Feel better soon!

  3. Sorry about your scary hospital visit, I am sure having Henry with you must have helped even though he was hiding in your bag. What fun tht Advent calendar is proving to be for the boys.

  4. Well, it sure looks like the boys made up for yesterday! I am so sorry you had such a rough time with your treatment! I am hoping and praying you are feeling better...

  5. Do hope that you are feeling much better today, and now benefiting from, yesterday's hospital treatment.
    Enjoyed the boys TWO openings of the Advent calendar today. Great too, to see finally Elliot joining in the fun as it's a shame that his life is somewhat blighted by the falling hair syndrome. I have quite a few of these lads but I tend to ignore the fact and let them get on with life whilst shedding the hairs.
    The dinosaur skeleton is most impressive when made up so I can imagine how thrilled Elliot must have been out of all the lads to have got that window!
    Have all the Gregors had a turn now then? Are we onto 'second time around' goes? If you have eight boys then it means that they can have three goes each and then if there is a Christmas Day opening as well then I'm volunteering 'Dear' Henry for that day since he has uncomplainingly escorted you to your hospital appointments.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Thank you dear Kendal, I am not feeling too bad, just very tired, so may go back to bed for an hour before I tackle the house...that will be a real test of how my arm is, although so far pretty good! :-) So I am hopeful.

      Yes it is good to have Elliot joining in, I must let him join in more often, although his hair is really bad, it falls just looking at it, but he has such a sweet face.

      All the Gregors have now had a turn so the rotation will start again. It is James' turn today. There are only 24 windows, so Henry will get to open window 24. Plus he has a big surprise for Christmas day!


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