Friday, 28 December 2012

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Revealed - Part Two

I haven't had anymore photos from people of their gifts received so thought I would post the second of my swap gifts.  I ended up sending to two people as I miscalculated the number of Secret Santas.

The second gift I received was from Carol S.  To say this gift was/is amazing would be an understatement and the Sasha girls and I were simply overwhelmed by it.  It is so very special and is something I will treasure forever.

It was addressed to Sasha, and as I have four blonde girls with Sasha as their middle name I thought it best that they all get to open the gift.  The girls are very good at sharing and playing together.

Alice bends down to start opening it while Sally, Victoria and Meredith watch on.

Look, Meredith says...There is a letter attached.

Meredith opens the letter...

and starts to read it...

To my dear little Sasha

(That's us! she exclaims  Although I am the eldest)

If your mum has given you this trunk then you are old enough to take care of its contents.  
This trunk belonged to my nana.  When I used to visit she would let me touch the things inside.  
I remember when I was a baby I would drag Shaggy all over the house.  Nana would read to me for hours.  The tea set was hours of fun with Nana.  
She would send me a calling card and each time I got one I knew something special was going to happen.  The first thing she would do is let me go to her bedroom and put on her powder and spray her perfume.  She had the most beautiful bottles.  
Finally my Sasha, The baby doll was so very precious.  Her name is Sasha too.  Nana's mum was also named Sasha.  You are the 5th Sasha in our family if you include the little baby doll.  that name is so precious.  
So my little Sasha, I hope you have hours of fun and take good care of Nana Sasha's trunk so you can pass it down to your little girl one day.
I love you dearly...

Nana Sasha.

Meredith finishes reading the letter as Alice finishes taking off the tissue paper from round the box.

Oh my, look at this! They all exclaim.

A simply wonderful trunk with 'Sasha's Trunk' written on the front.

They carefully open it and Sally immediately takes out the baby to hold.

Will you just look at all these wonderful things.  Meredith says.  I'll put Shaggy the dog down here, isn't he cute?  These must be the little letters and calling cards. She tells the other girls as she shows them what she is holding.

Sally has eyes for the baby only, it is so very sweet.

She starts to sing a lullaby to it, to reassure the baby that she is now safe and sound in loving arms.

So many wonderful things to look at, play with and do.  Puzzles, books to read, and so much more.

Dressing up dolls to make, sewing patterns, all so very delightful and perfect for little girls.

Meredith has a look at the little box with fabric and sewing notions in it.

A lovely little tea set, perfume bottles and letters.  There is even a packet of seeds for the girls garden.  Such an amazing gift that will keep the girls (and their Mum!) busy for hours.

Thank you so much Carol for your wonderful gift, it is just so special and we feel very privileged  to have received it.


  1. OH WOW!!! What a wonderful gift! Some people have such a knack of putting together perfect pressies and this lady must be one of them! The girls must have been overwhelmed with pleasure and delight!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  2. My Hittyville Friends are collectively shaking their heads and thinking there are some lucky Friends over there in England!


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