Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent Day 12

Gosh it is getting closer to Christmas each day and with the opening of window 12 today the realisation that it is now less than two weeks away!

Rory gets ready to open window 12 which has double doors!  Rather a big window indeed, I wonder what is inside it.

That looks interesting Rory, is it a little plant stand?

Rory puts it together and then takes it over to the scene and sets it in place.

The boys have been doing a grand job of putting all the pieces in place.


  1. Your scene IS coming along quite nicely!

  2. Yes, watching the daily opening of your boy's calendar is making me realise too that it's not long to go now. Hopefully this will spur me on to speed up on my card writing and present wrapping so that I can tidy up the house a little before getting the tree in and decorated. Nice addition today to the exploration scene. I love Rory's younger look.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. And I love Rory's hair, Lorraine - is it a Ted wig? - Jocelyn

    1. Yes it is Jocelyn, he trimmed it especially for Rory. It is great isn't it? It wasn't the original look I envisioned for Rory, but has turned out just perfect for him.


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