Monday, 3 December 2012

Another little Christmas Tree

The children are lucky enough to have two Christmas trees this year as if you recall I found one at the Charity Shop for £2.50 with all its decorations already on.  Meredith was able to keep it secret from the other can just see her standing behind Lucy.

Monica is having a good look at all the decorations.  Hopefully they will be able to make some more to add to the tree.  Amber on the right seems to have seen something she likes as well.

Tilly Rose has chosen a Christmas dress to wear and looks very pretty in it indeed.  I love the pose she chose.


  1. Adorable! I love Tilly Rose's dress too!

  2. That's a lovely tree and just the perfect size for the girls to enjoy!
    I really like Tilly Rose's dress, very festive and yes, that pose says it all!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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