Sunday, 16 December 2012

Advent Day 16

Elliot's turn has rolled round again and he is hoping that he is the one to find the next person, as he is sure there must be another!

Will he be correct?

What's inside?  He is keeping the surprise well hidden there!

Yeah!  It IS a person, this time a  lady explorer

I think the Little Explorer will be happy to have a companion, Elliot smiles as he thinks about the fun they are going to have looking for dinosaurs.

He places her down on the scene introducing her to Mr Little Explorer.

Can it REALLY be the 16th December already?


  1. YAY! A friend for the explorer! I never thought it would be a girl, though! LOL!

  2. Hooray! The explorer has a girl friend to keep him company on his explorations!
    And unfortunately, yes Lorraine, it is indeed the 16th already....please don't remind me! LOL
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx


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