Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advent Day 23

Even with the opening of the Advent Calendar each day, I am not convinced the reality of Christmas only being two days away has really hit home yet.  Yes in some ways we are organised, the grocery shopping is done, all but the fresh fruit for a fruit salad which I will get tomorrow.  The presents are also bought and wrapped.  However, the house still needs a good tidy and vacuum ready for family arriving on Christmas day.  I'm sure it will all happen in the end!  

Elliot opened today's window...

He wonders what is inside today...will it go with the 'bed of straw' nest, they found yesterday I wonder?

He reaches inside and what doe she find?

Two eggs!  Wonderful, just what the bed of straw aka nest needed.

He shows them to Caleb, who agrees, that yesterdays gift makes sense now.

Let's put them on the nest Caleb suggests...

Elliot puts the eggs on the nest.  I think that nest is probably a bit too exposed Elliot, perhaps it should be moved a bit further away from the fire, what do you think?


  1. I couldn't really tell what yesterdays item was but today all is revealed.
    Yes, Caleb is right, I too think that the dinosaur/reptile eggs should be not only moved further away from the fire but also more secretly hidden for protection until they are hatched.
    Sashalove from Kendal.

  2. LOL, I was almost right, I thought yesterday's gift was a 'manger' and I suppose that would be sort of a 'nest'!
    Yes, best get those eggs away from the fire as you don't want to cook the baby dinosaurs inside!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x


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