Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Advent Day 18

Yippee, thinks James, it is my turn again today to open the Advent Calendar window.  

I wonder what will be inside window 18?

He reaches up to open it.

James opens the window and reaches in a pulls out a little bag with...

Two more lizards inside it!  He lets them crawl over his hands and arms...

Look Rory, two more lizards, we have three for the scene now!

I can see the boys really enjoying these little creatures, can you?


  1. Oh what a shame again that Rory wasn't opening this window! (Perhaps Mummy should have had a sneaky preview before deciding which lad gets to open which window? This way Rory {my second favourite of your boys} could have had the joy of opening the two reptile windows.)
    Still waiting to hear if there is a 25th Day window for ' My Dear' Henry to open?
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Sorry Kendal, I thought I'd reply to this, but no 25th Day window for your 'Dear' Henry to open...but he does have a very good Christmas present arriving ;-) Which has been sitting hidden for the last few months...since around August/September I think!

      Sorry, no sneak previews allowed!

  2. It just keeps getting better & better!

  3. I love Rory's red hair and darling sweater!

  4. isn't it funny how the boys just love bugs, lizards and dinosaurs. They are definitely making the most of this build up to Christmas.


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