Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Advent Day Five

The boys woke to snow this morning and are beginning to feel it is getting more like Christmas each day.  It is especially exciting as each day they get to open a window in their Dinosaur Advent Calendar and today was Peter's turn.  

Where's number five?  he asks as James helps him look for it. There it is!

Peter reaches up opens the window and pulls out a bag of goodies.

Look what I've got.  He calls to the other boys.

Peter sits down to open the bag and finds two special dinosaur bone cases for the little explorer's discoveries.  He clips the lids on.

This is great fun.  He thinks to himself, wondering whose turn it will be tomorrow to open window number six?

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  1. Pleased to see the Advent Calendar from a different angle as I was wondering how the larger items such as the motorbike were fitted in...bit I see now the depth of the calendar that allows for this.
    It's just perfect for your Gregor lads but how lovely too for real life little boys.
    Yes, I wondered if you weren't using the girls if you would rotate the boy's turns. Will they all get a second go? Will you have to be drawing names from out of a hat if there is a third turn for a few?
    I'd like really it if 'Dear' Henry can do the Christmas Day window (if there is one) or Christmas Eve if there isn't.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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