Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Advent Day Eleven

Just as Simon was reaching to pick up the scorpion yesterday...

A foot got in the way...

Fortunately Caleb thought quick enough to stop Simon from getting a nasty sting from the scorpion   Caleb didn't kill it though, he just wanted to stop Simon from touching it.  Instead they carefully caught it and put it in the Explorer scene...

It has rolled round to Henry's turn again, this time with window eleven which is a big one much to Henry's delight!

With Rory close at hand, Henry reaches up to window eleven

and opens it to find inside...

A dinosaur!

Yippee!  `He exclaims, so excited to have been the one to find the dinosaur.

It is all getting quite exciting, dinosaurs, bones, snakes and scorpions, I wonder what will be next!

Look Aunty Kendal, I got the dinosaur!


  1. Phew, what quick thinking on Calebs part, narrowly avoiding a trip to Dolly Accident & Emergency! ;)
    That's a great dinosaur, Henry! And it has such a great set of smiley teeth too!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

  2. So pleased for you Henry! (I've volunteered for YOU to have a fourth turn as well if there is a Christmas Day opening, as according to my calculations, everyone will have already had three goes by then and there will be just one window left.)
    At first glance I thought that it is Tyrannosaurus Rex but felt that it's arms are too long and the colouring not quite right.... so now thinking that it is Eoraptor. (How do I know? Well, I occasionally did a Dinosaur topic with the children at school.)
    Sasha love especially to Henry, from Kendal.

  3. So glad Caleb stepped in, literally, to save Simon from a nasty sting! And hurray for Henry getting to find the dinosaur! What fun this is!


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