Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Secret Santa Swap Gifts Revealed - Part One.

It is time to start  the grand reveal of all the wonderful gifts received from their Secret (and not probably not so secret) Santa.  I am still to hear if some gifts are still to be received, but everyone has sent their parcels so I am just hoping they have been delayed in the Christmas post and not gone AWOL.  I think everyone did really well and I hope all have enjoyed the experience and fun of making/buying something special for someone else.  I know I have, and can only hope my recipients are pleased with what I sent them as their Secret Santa.  

I will make these posts as and when I hear and receive from people photographs of their gifts.

I thought I would start with what Henry received first, as after all he really has been my inspiration for everything Sasha and Gregor and has so much become part of our family!

A lovely package was received from Norvell and we waited until Christmas Day to open it.

Henry looks at the packages, not knowing which one to start with!  However, like any little boy, it doesn't take long to start ripping them all open.

Wow, look at all this!  A cowboy outfit!  Henry exclaims!  He takes off his Christmas hat and clothes and gets changed into his new outfit.

Hey, it even has a toy gun, am I allowed to keep it Mum?  Of course you can Henry, it is part of the outfit.  Henry thinks the outfit is going to look pretty great when he rides Stratford his horse, and can't wait to visit the stable and go for a ride all dressed up!

Doesn't he look the part?!

Thank you so much Norvell, Henry absolutely loves his outfit and the amazing work that went into making it. I'm not sure I will be able to get him to change out of it for quite some time!


Next up we have the wonderful story blog post by Rosie in the UK who received a wonderful package from Catharina in Sweden.

It was an exciting time - there was a Secret Santa parcel in the post. Amber and Marc volunteered to keep a look out for the postman.

One magical Saturday the parcel arrived. The kids looked at it through the glass door. 'But how will we get it?' asked Ursula

Luca came to help 'Amber, climb on my shoulders and see if you can reach the door handle'
'I'm a bit closer but I think someone else will have to stand on my shoulders - we'll be like the Spanish Castellers who build towers of people'

Eventually the parcel was reached and taken into the sitting room to be opened - there was no way these kids were going to wait until Christmas!
Just look at all the little packages with their cards and decorations. One of the Sweet Peas crawled inside the parcel just to make sure nothing was forgotten.

One of the little cards said 'To the Boys and Girls, Merry Christmas from Lucia, the Twins  and Hedwig.

The packages were quickly opened and everyone grabbed what they wanted. These kids really needed some shirts for although their Mum knits her sewing isn't great. These lovely new shirts and waistcoat are exactly what was needed. And just look at all the little ginger biscuits for stringing to hang on the tree, a little reindeer cookie cutter and a super felted Gnome for Mum. It was just like having our own Christmas Market.

So we just wanted to say a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to the Swedish Sashas and Catharina
Wishing everyone a Lovely Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

From Amber, Marc, Luca, Ursula and the Sweet Peas


Keep checking for further posts over the following days...


  1. Love your story and imaginative and charming. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. LOVE your post! The bike is awesome and I love how you positioned your friends in the stories...Very enjoyable!

  3. Can just imagine this really happening with all the Sashas and Gregors (Ursula, Marc, Amber and Lucia) trying to reach the door knob open the door to retrieve the Christmas package on the doorstep all the way from Sweden and full of those wonderful gifts.... two shirts, waistcoat, cookie cutter, ginger biscuits, cards and little felt gnome.
    Sasha love and thank you Cathanina for this delightful Secret Santa post. From Kendal.


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