Friday, 14 December 2012

A Year in Review

Slightly early, but I was in a reflective mood this morning...

Earlier this year I wrote a wish list.  It is interesting to see how the year panned out in the end - quite a few changes and unexpected successes!

2012 Wish List
♥ A couple of dolls restrung
♥ Boy Scout Uniform for my Gotz Michel Boy Scout
♥ 1968 Fringe Girl, Blonde or Red
♥ Red head baby
♥ Gotz No Navel – depending on eye paint
♥ Early Gotz Gregor
♥ Gotz Marianne
Long term Wish List
♥ 1967 NP Blonde
♥ 1966/67 Graphic Eyed Sasha

So what did I achieve?  Besides getting myself into trouble by getting in debt!  Although I learnt something valuable in the process as have had to since sell many of my beloved dolls to compensate.  One of which I really regret selling as I miss her a lot. Sigh...  However, I have also learnt I can do with less and have sorted some others to sell to finish clearing my debt.  Anyway back on track...

I got several of my lovely dolls restrung  with many thanks to Brenda.

I sold my Gotz Michel and didn't get anything else on my 2012 wish list, although did get some unexpected beauties:

Alice, my lovely 68 Centre Part Kilt gir;

The gorgeous Kendal - named after discovering she used to belong to Kendal previous to me purchasing her from someone else.

Saffron, my no nose red head.

April, my slate eyed Gotz redhead

Ah...the doll that I just couldn't resist when I saw her on Evilbay...

Meredith, my 1966/67 NP/Graphic eyed blonde (Although Brenda Walton informed me that these were what were originally called the Puddle Eyed dolls.  Fulfilling my long term wish list in one doll!


Not forgetting the wonderful Rory, my little waif boy.


Henry has had a lot of fun this year.  

He has played in the snow...

He has been to New Zealand...and sat on a beach

He has enjoyed Paris, France...

The Olympics, Devon, Cornwall and the Sasha Festival.

He has had friends come and stay from the USA - Harry & Harper.

He got to visit Kendal and ride on the motorbike!

He has been my trusty companion when I have had treatment in hospital and continues to give me love and inspiration.  He is looking forward to lots more adventures next year.


  1. Without downs we couldn't appreciate the ups. Your blog has given so much pleasure.
    Can't wait to see next year's adventures!
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you Rosie I am so glad you have been enjoying the blog, it is lovely to have some feedback. :-)

  2. Just goes to show its no good making a list as fate takes you where it will!!
    Way to go Lorraine you now have two NP girls! you just need a brunette!

  3. Wow, what a wonderful dolly year you have had! I hope the rest of your world has been just as sweet. I have never made a list like this, although I do think about things I want to achieve and dolls I'd like to have one day.
    I think you are one blessed lady and also very deserving. May 2013 bring you even more joy. :o)

  4. You have a lovely collection of dolls Lorraine, I particularly love Gregor, so much so that he's inspired me to bring a similar boy home for Christmas. I also think your red headed Gotz girls are gorgeous, particularly Kendall. Despite everything, you've done really well to get your debt in hand, and still enjoy dolly fun! Well done! Here's to 2013!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thank you Sharon. Yes Henry is rather special :-) and of course my redhead girls.

  5. So enjoyed seeing 'Kendal' in her very pretty vintage-sasha outfit (which suits her to a 'T' with the hints of orange in the floral print.)
    Always love Rory and Dear Henry looks to have had the best and most travelled and photographed year of all the Sasha Dolls in the whole wide world. Lucky lad!
    Meridith looks like she too is wistfully glancing back over her year. You have certainly captured this dreamy look well.
    Congratulations on continuing to sort out your doll over-spend. Hopefully you'll soon be back on track again ready to enjoy your lovely collection of 'especially chosen to keep' dolls.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Thank you Kendal :-) Yes I loved that dress that Sarah made the minute I saw it, and knew just who would get to wear it

      Henry certainly has had a good year, I wonder what 2013 will bring travel wise for him?! I have some ideas/dreams/wishes, but will have to see if I can bring them to fruition.



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