Monday, 31 December 2012

A thank you & Rory the Frog!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply yesterday, it is much appreciated.  It is interesting to know whether there are problems or not.  I know the new word verification can be problematic and virtually impossible to read at times...I tend to press the refresh button until I can read both the numbers and letters!  It seems some people with wordpress accounts have difficulties, which I'm not sure why, I thought that you could still leave comments, even if via the anonymous route.

If you've never commented before please don't be shy, I try to reply to all comments left, either personally, or via the blog if you are a 'non-reply' blogger.

If any of your would like to see something in particular on my blog, or ask a question, then please ask and if I can show or answer, I will. :-)

Now on to the final Christmas gift... just for those that know about Rory's fascination with frogs...

Yes he got a little frog for Christmas!

However, this was rather a sneaky frog and went 'missing' and hid for a few days...

Fortunately though we found the frog and now Rory is the proud owner/caretaker of another frog.

He shows Henry and tells him about how this frog is a bit of an escape artist!  Rory is thinking he will have to design a special pond for his froggy friends.  He has quite a few now!

Yes Henry is still in his cowboy outfit. :-)


  1. I can't see you prising Henry out of his cowboy outfit just yet! Will building a pond or frog tank be the new year project for the boys I wonder?

  2. Hi Rory
    Good to see you have a new frog. We're looking forward to sending you pics of our pond once the frogs reappear in the spring.
    Best wishes
    Ursula and Erica

    1. Hi Ursula & Erica, I can't wait to see them! I remember the letter and photos you sent to me in October about your frogs and how you had to reline the pond. Must be exciting!

  3. Phew I'm glad the little frog turned up because if it had left the house, it wouldn't have survived the cold! I look forward to seeing what Rory makes to keep his frogs safe!
    Hugs and A Happy Froggy New Year to Rory (and everyone else in your house too of course!)
    Sharon in Spain xx

  4. Rory couldn't have asked for a better present! He and his pet frogs are rather like us and our Sasha Dolls, can't get enough.
    A little pond building, either inside or out (inside might be better so as not to encourage the real life varieties) sounds just the ticket for a 2013 project.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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