Monday, 16 May 2016

Sasha Celebration Weekend 2016: Part Four: The Goodies!

Lastly the goodies from the weekend...

We got given a useful calico bag with a little gift bag inside it.  

The poster had the schedule of events on the back.

The little gifts from the bag.

Next up some of the things I made at the workshop.

Molly is wearing a mask and slippers.

The mask. (Theresa's workshop)

The little felt jewelled slippers I made (Emma F's workshop)

Maddison's mask I made.  These were such fun.

Maddison is also wearing the jumper and bag that I got in the raffle...I am not very lucky in raffles generally and Kendal kindly nominated me to choose a gift for which I am ever so grateful!  This little sweater and bag set made by Gillian Nash couldn't have matched the rest of her outfit much better.

Baby BB is wearing his mask that I made him.

Shelley C and I had a lot of fun giggling over our mask making.

Stevie didn't get to go, but a special bag was brought home for her that I made. (Jane's workshop)

It has her name on the front.  

Henry shows off his marionette (Doll Mum's workshop)

This was such fun and I had fun with colourful feathers!

This dress was also won in the raffle (again kindly nominated by Kendal) and I thought it would be perfect for Peggy Sue as it was more her style - plus in her quest to be 'Lady Penelope' the pearls were just perfect!

She was very well behaved while at the weekend so deserved a special treat and wants to send her grateful thanks to Kendal.

I did have a raffle ticket drawn as well and I chose a little knitted outfit for Baby Sasha which I gave to Doll Mum's daughter for her new baby Daisy.

Kendal had little gift bags to give to everyone which had a little car and a bat and ball game.  The little car will be great for the play mat when I get it finished.

On the Friday Night there was a 'Pound Bazaar' or should I say 'Scrum'! 

Lots of great items available for £1 that people had donated...I wasn't able to get in close until many of the 'choice' pickings had been made, but that was okay as Baby BB ended up getting a little bear he is quite chuffed with.

Lastly I bought one item at the sales tables.  This lovely outfit was made by Emma F and I thought it would be just perfect for my blonde boy Edward.

He looks very smart in it and it will be perfect when those dark and cold days of winter approach again - hopefully not too soon though as it is definitely not our favourite time of the year!


  1. One more post! I'm so glad you got some booty for your many pals

    1. Thank you Janet, always fun to have some 'booty' ;-) Especially when you have hand-crafted it yourself.

  2. Wonderful, and so grand to see Peggy Sue again <3

  3. love all your goodies! Looks like quite a haul! Given the number of raffle prizes I saw on the table, I can't believe you didn't get drawn for a few!! Very nice of Kendal to nominate you for a win!

  4. Edward's sweater is great! The cable design looking like owls is so clever.
    Thank you for the four posts of the weeekend, I very much enjoyed reading them and looking at the many pictures, and now I can put some faces to names. The workshops looked like great fun. The amount of raffle prizes is overwhelming. So many generous people who donated them!

  5. What a magnificent selection of 'goodies you (and we!) returned home with starting with the super Sasha logo calico tote bag which was more than worth its weight in gold as we collected all those fab 'bits and bobs' over our time there.
    A treasured and useful start to collect what was to become a most enviable pile of goodies to return home with .
    The workshops were again as fabulous as last years and the fact that everyone could have a kit to take home to complete if they didn't manage to do it whilst there was so thoughtful and generous.
    The variety and generosity of the 2016 raffle items was again truly unbelievable to say the least. I'm sure that The Save the Children fund will be really pleased and the large sum of money raised put to good use.
    The 2016 SCW sales tables again had the 'WOW, wow, WOW' factor causing some major agonising decisions as to how to spread your Sasha spending money!
    My thanks to Janet, wonderfully supported by Theresa and Tricia, plus the five workshop leaders, and to each and everyone involved in the preparation and running or just visiting (with extra thanks to those overseas folks who made such an effort to attend and meet us) to make this second SCW event another most memorable Sasha weekend.
    PS. Finally, but certainly not least, to my daughter, who without her 24/7 help I couldn't have even attempted to bring THE 78 Brood.
    Without doubt there SURELY HAS TO BE a THIRD SCW!


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