Monday, 9 January 2012

Sasha Wish List? Tastes & Goals

So who has a Sasha Wish List?  Come on, be honest, I'm sure we all do!  So what is on your wish list?  How achievable is it?  Long term or short term?

I of course have a Sasha Wish List, do you want to know what it is?  You do?  Well okay then...

Have a couple of dolls restrung
A Boy Scout Uniform for my Gotz Michel Boy Scout
An early fringe girl, blonde or redhead
A red head baby/toddler
A Gotz No Navel - will have to be the right one as I don't like the eyes on some
An early Gotz Gregor
A Blonde NP  (Very long term wish list I think!)
An early graphic eyed Sasha (Even longer long term wish list...I think this is just a dream really as I would probably too scared to do anything with her/him!)

Of course this may change over the year, nothing is set in stone.

How have your tastes changed since you started collecting Sasha dolls, or haven't they?  Who is your favourite if you have one?  

I didn't have any particular tastes when I first started collecting, which was actually only at the beginning of last year, so I am very much a new comer to the Sasha World, even though I have admired them for years and had wanted one, just one! mind you, for years.  My first two were Sasha & Gregor from around 1974, and I was only going to have the two...well as I think any Sashaphile can tell you, that just doesn't happen, I am not writing anything new here.

I didn't like the Gotz dolls at first, but then saw Amber my Large Red Head early 60s Gotz Sasha and Emily, another 60s Gotz Sasha on Shelly's site and well that was it I was hooked!

My favourite doll is Henry, I'm not sure why, but the moment I saw him, I knew I had to have him...I never imagined he would end up becoming my travelling companion, but he certainly has and goes lots of places with us.  Emily is also another favourite and often comes out with me as well.  I love them all really though and think I would be hard pressed to really say which one I liked best.  They all have their own little characters.

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve with regards to either making or setting up scenes etc...for your Sasha family?

I have a few goals I would like to achieve this year with regards to crafting, sewing & knitting for Sasha.

I also have plans to make some outfits for the American Girl Abused Kids Project that I heard about on Sasha Mart.  I have been very kindly lent a doll (not an AG, but very similar) with which to use as a model for the first few clothes I make.  I am really looking forward to making some clothes, because if a few clothes as a gift can make a small difference to a child in need, then that is something I an do to help.

So some of my Sasha/Gregor projects:

Well Henry will of course be journeying with me to New Zealand to visit my parents in February/March.  My Dad sounded rather down on Thursday morning last week when I spoke to him with the worry of my Mum who is having problems with memory etc... so I thought I really ought to make an effort to find a decent priced airfare to go and spend some time with them.  My husband had said I should go yearly, especially as my Dad has had Prostate Cancer and has only just come off treatment.  Fortunately, I had an email through that day with a cheap airfare for set dates, so I booked.  Anyway back to Henry...he will of course need some gear to take with him on the trip, summer clothes, shorts, t shirt and of course a back pack for when we go walking!  So I need to get sewing.

Henry's NZ trip wardrobe to make.

T Shirt
Back Pack
Rain coat 
Sun hat!  Can't be too careful over there with the sun, it is easy to burn quickly.

I took Sasha last year, but didn't do a lot with her, I am sure Henry will be far more adventurous!

Another project I need to get on with is an outfit to donate for the Sasha Festival in June.   I had hoped I would have finished by now, but have to confess I haven't even started anything...I have a few ideas, just need to do some planning and then put that plan into action.

I would love to have the room to set up some shelving on which to make 'rooms' like some of the other collectors have been able to do, but I think at the moment this will have to be one of my long term goals, to achieve once I have managed the never-ending grand de-clutter of the rest of the house!

I think that is about it for now.  Sorry no pictures, I do have a couple but can't show them yet ;-)

So how about you? Come on do tell!


  1. Good morning! Still sleeping to talk about wish list, but as far for the American girl doll, I can send one to your house to work as a model.
    If you need patterns for AG, just send me a note! I do have a lot.

  2. Finally ready to make a wish list. I have stayed pretty true to having only one Sasha that gets all the attention. But, I have to admit that I would like a no nose. Probably a very long term wish. In the mean time, I'll stick with giving my dear little girl all the love, attentio, and goodies she deserves.


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