Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Blondes in smocked dresses.

While trying to decide who is going to be my Trendon Girl of the Month tomorrow I thought I would dress my blondes up in the smocked dresses I now have.  I am now lucky enough to have enough smocked dresses for every one of my blonde girls.

I was asked the other day what my 'Sasha of the Month was for and as it has now been almost eight months since I posted Molly, my Sasha for January I thought I would explain again.  

Having had to have sold a lot of my Sasha's late last year, and indeed this year for various reasons, I wanted to focus on the ones I had left and as I had twelve Trendon Sashas I thought it would be a good idea to feature those.  I still have only twelve Trendon Sashas (unaltered - I haven't counted Tilly Rose, my re-root, nor have I counted Danni , who was bought as a boy, but had severe hair loss).  Of course one of my featured Sasha girls, Lucy, has since left home and another has taken her place, so featuring the one that has replaced her is going to be a bit difficult!  It might be that I choose two to feature in December.

Anyway back on to my blonde girls. Charlotte is now here to stay.  She was the one of the three that my husband bought me when I first discovered Sasha and has kind of become a 'mini-me' through her modelling my dress for the 'Dress A Sasha - Images of Childhood' before I went to the festival.  Spending so much time with her made me realise that I couldn't part with her and to do so I would only regret it.

Charlotte is the lucky one to get to wear the wonderful dress I received at the Festival made by Millie Dingham.

My eight Trendon girls from left to right

Meredith (66 Frido/Trendon Blue Cord NP), Alice (1969 FCP Kilt), Weaver (1968/69 Side Part), Victoria (1970/71 Blonde Gingham), Charlotte (1971 Blonde Gingham), Sally (1972 HCP Blonde Gingham), Sasha (1974 Blonde Gingham), Susan (1982 Sweater Girl)

My eight Trendon girls with my one No Nose Gotz girl Marcia on the end.

They are loving their pretty smocked dresses which they have teamed with JJ shoes.

Inspired by these wonderful dresses I bought a couple of books.

My fabric is pleated so all I have to do is start, which I hope to do tonight.


  1. Do you have a smocking pleater or did you hand pleat. Your lovely lineup of blonds look great in their dresses. enjoy the smocking and I hope it goes well.

  2. Each girl is so very lovely in the smocked dresses!!! All the best Lorraine as you begin to smock!!!

  3. Lovely bunch of girls in their pretty dresses Lorraine!
    I have the A - Z of Smocking book and it's great, the photos are lovely. I must dust it off and look at it again!

  4. I have heard that pleaters aren't that necessary particularly when doing doll clothes. This is exciting. I have two of the A-Z books on embroidery and they are very comprehensive. This one on smocking is either OOP or a bit expensive over here. Rats! I have always wanted to do this too.

    I bet you will sew and smock something beautiful. So nice to have all those dresses for inspiration.

  5. Still struggling to catch upon commenting on the Sasha blogs (due to my recent illness) that I follow BUT must have totally missed viewing this particularly lovely one with all your girls in their very pretty and daintily smocked dresses.

    How lovely that each girl is able to join in the delightful line up, each in their smocked dresses.

    I used to be my mother's 'pleater' when she used to smock mine and my sister's dresses and my brother's rompers. Mind you I'm not sure that there were even any 'automatic pleaters' around then.

    I used to be able to smock, having been taught by my mother, and really enjoyed creating the unique patterns for my younger sister's and her doll's matching dresses.

    Good luck with your smocking projects. looking forward to seeing the results.

  6. Great pictures Lorraine of the girls in their smocked dresses! xx

    1. Thank you Steve, it was such fun to dress them in them.


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