Monday 8 July 2013

A Simple Summer Swap - Gifts Received Part Four

A package arrived for me from the USA today.  I was quite surprised as I wasn't expecting anything....or so I thought...and then I remembered!  The other swap gift had arrived.  I ended up doing two swaps as I had originally paired DollMum with someone else, but they never got back in contact with me to confirm details and that they definitely wanted to do the swap despite several emails, so I swapped with DollMum as well, (you can see the post of what I received and sent  here).

Anyway this swap gift was from Gill, who was partnered with me.

I am absolutely in awe of the amazing swimsuit, sandals and sun visor cap.

Danni seems pretty pleased with it, and it was the perfect weather to wear it as well as it is finally warm and sunny!

Along with the swimsuit there is a little matching skirt, beach towel, bag and of course the goodies that are necessary for sustenance! 

Dozing in the sun...glad to see you are in the shade Danni so you don't get sunburnt.

Thank you so very much Gill, I just LOVE these little set, it is wonderful!

So what did I send Gill - did it match up to her expectations....I hope so!

A pretty little sun dress modelled by Charlotte.

A beach towel and beach bag.

A closer look.

I do hope Gill liked the things I sent her.

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