Monday, 29 July 2013

Simon does some modelling.

Fortunately Simon isn't in the least bashful and was happy to pose to show off the underwear that came with the fabulous dungarees.

Of course having dinosaurs on them is part of the appeal.

He also tries on the dungarees...

He seems proud as punch to be wearing them.

How about a side view?  Simon seems quite happy with them.


  1. The side view is good. A beautiful dungarees. Blue pants and blue eyes, simon is very pretty!

  2. Simon looks great in this cute outfit. Love the dinosaurs especially on his underwear ;). Simon's eyes are so handsome and I am glad he was able to get down from his upside rope venture :)

  3. Pale blue is definitely the colour for him, from top to bottom!

  4. Nice outfit Lorraine, it was really kind of Henry to let Simon have it, because it does really suit him!


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