Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part Seven: Souvenir Gifts, Purchases and surprise gifts.

In no particular order, the goodies I came home with the festival are:

My Festival Auction win, as mentioned in an earlier blog post was this beautifully made outfit by Norvell Jones of Walnut Run:

Whilst it seemed a shame to have to take it out of its presentation box, it needed to be done and looks just as beautiful on the girl who is first to wear it.

Modelled by my beautiful brunette Monica

My other Auction win, the fabulous sweater by Amei Walder:

Modelled by Rory who looks great in it.

He said can he take it off now as it is far too hot!

My Helpers Raffle win:

Hostess Gift: Friday Night

Hostess Gift Saturday:

From Jenny D.

Another table gift:

From Annette, Linda & Brooklynn

Friday Festival Souvenir Outfit:

Modelled by Ziva, my Yamka Sasha.

The lovely sterling silver charm & bracelet that Heidi gave us all.

Complete with my smudged fingerprints...oops!

The beautiful smocked dress that was in my 'Happy Birthday Sasha M.' box on the Saturday night.

Close up of the lovely smocking work.

Showing off the lovely slip/petticoat underneath

And the cute knickers trimmed with lace as well.  The shoes were also included but I have used different socks.

The gorgeous smocking work on the back as well!

My Yankee Swap Gift:

Sales Table Purchases:

Wonderful smocked top and jeans by Millie Dingham

Birkenstocks made by Marti Murphy  I also bought from Marti's sales table:

A work apron with a couple of tools.

Lovely pretty sandals from Monica Jarpey of Macon Street Studios - as soon as I saw these I knew I had to get them to go with the New Zealand dress I had made.

Victoria wearing her new sandals.

From Dorisanne's sale table I bought:

A pair of shoes

A pair of sandals.

At Heidi's table I bought this little Etch A Sketch

I am sure my Sasha & Gregor family will have fun with this.

From Karen Warnaka I bought:

A gorgeous pink wool jacket

A lovely blue & white smocked dress modelled by Sally

Another lovely smocked dress modelled by Molly.

From Norvell Jones of Walnut Run I bought:

Pretty in Pink Smocked dress, modelled by Weaver

Gifts Received: 

I was very thrilled to be given this stand as a gift from the Bolland family.  Thank you so very much :-)  This is earmarked for Danni's use :-)

Ginger gave me a little bag of gifts, I felt very spoiled indeed.

Sally is modelling the wonderful outfit Ginger gave us
She thinks she looks rather trendy.  

Also from Ginger were these wonderful dungarees and dinosaur shirt and matching underwear (Henry was too bashful to show these now he has met so many friends).  

Neither Henry or I are convinced that dungarees are 'his' thing though, so he is going to let a few of his friends try these on to see who might suit them better.

Great dungarees with fabulous dinosaur shirt.  Henry's hair is a little more sparse due to his adventures and the heat in the USA!

Not shown are the Sasha Festival Auction Catalogue, Booklet etc....

I also received a few other treasures that will feature in upcoming posts, one of which is a wonderful hammock for Henry from the lovely Dorisanne.

This is the last of my festival posts and will also be the last post I do for a few days now as I really need to get on with other things for a while.  If you haven't caught up with Henry's exploits the rest of the time we were in the USA you can read all about them on his blog here.

Thank you to all who made this an absolutely truly wonderful experience I feel very blessed to have met you all, it was a very special time for me and one I will definitely treasure.

Thank you.


  1. Well! Aren't you the LUCKY one! I'm rendered almost speechless!!!!
    My favourite though has to be the delightfully pink smocked dress by Norvell.

    1. Yes indeed I think I am very lucky :-) The pink dress really is quite beautiful.

  2. My goodness Lorraine, you must have spent a fortune!!! What lovely things you brought back with you! I love them all! All those gorgeous smocked dresses too, you're going to have one for everyone, no more arguments amongst the girls as to who will have what, LOL ;)
    I think the dungarees suit Henry, it's probably that you're just not used to seeing him in them....but if he is generous enough to give them to one of his 'brothers' then I'm sure they'd be more than happy. I love the jumper on Rory, when I saw it I thought it would be perfect on him and it is, especially with is lovely hair. He has the best hair style! And the lovely shoes and sandals! Love those Birkies, they look so comfy!
    Did you need another suitcase to bring everything home!!! I know that every time we went to the US, so we seemed to bring sooooo much stuff back, pity I wasn't in to Sasha (or any dolls) back then before we moved to Spain !!!

    1. Well almost a fortune, although some of the goodies were of course Festival gifts, some gifts from friends and the rest I managed to pay for from sales items....I think I just about broke even ;-) I thought I would have plenty of room in the suitcase on the way home, but well it just fit! It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to buy these beautiful dresses. That is me done though!

      The sweater really is perfect for Rory isn't it?

    2. You made some great choices and lets face it, it would have been a crying shame not to buy having gone all that all the effort made by the seamstresses etc., well I'd have been rude NOT to buy to be honest! ;)
      I bet you were sweating coming through customs though!!!! ;)

    3. It would indeed have been rude not to buy anything! ;-) My thoughts exactly! Now back on the straight and narrow though...making my own things!


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