Tuesday 2 July 2013

A Simple Summer Swap - Gifts Received Part One

Quite a few of the participants in the 'Simple Summer Swap' have received their gifts so I will start showing photos of what people sent and received.  As usual an amazing amount of effort and inventiveness went into these gifts and they are all wonderful.

First up we have the gifts sent between Emma and Thelma.  Thelma was indeed an 'early bird' and despite being unwell was the first to send her swap gift out.  I know Emma was absolutely delighted with it.  This is what she wrote to me and said

"Hi Lorraine, just wanted to let you know that I have received the summer swap from Thelma, and it is absolutely stunning!!! i am quite overwhelmed by it, and I phoned her immediately to gush my thanks. She is such a clever lady. My outfit for her is not quite finished yet, but I hope to post it to her next week. Once again, thank you for setting it up, it seems i have a new Sasha friend as we are going to keep in touch."

To my mind this is what swaps are all about, making new friends :-)

Thelma to Emma:  (modelled on Thelma's pretty girl.  Emma, don't forget to send some photos of the outfit on your girl please :-)

From Emma to Thelma:  Emma sent this lovely dress which consists of a "smocked navy blue and pale blue polka dot dress, with matching knickers, and a miniature Blythe doll, after all, my summers as a child were filled with time spent in the garden with my dolls!"

Again if you get a chance to send me a photo Thelma of your girl wearing this lovely little dress we would be delighted to see it.

 Next up we have the the swap gifts exchanged between Kirsten and Betty.  Kirsten writes:

" Betty sent me a very  nice red bathing suit that she made, a matching cap, and real inner tube, and that is my Gregor going tubing in the creek and sitting with my daughter. She also sent me patterns, blue sneakers, cotton striped tights that she made, and a pair of very nice underpants of the same striped cotton knit, that she designed the pattern for. But these things I do not have a photo of."  (Unfortunately Kirsten's camera 'died')

Kirsten goes on to write what she sent to Betty (which should hopefully be there by now, so I hope I am not spoiling the surprise!

I made her Gregor a shirt, shorts, socks, and backpack. I also included a pair of Ruth's Dolls boots, and the backpack has a telescope and a treasure map, and a walking stick. Betty told me her Gregor was a "woodsy kind of guy", so I figured he would like tromping/hiking around in the woods.

Aren't all these things simply great?

I have received my fabulous swap from DollMum and hopefully she will receive mine sometime today.

More revealed tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear, yes, I feel because my camera is broken my photos don't do justice to Betty's wonderful gifts...I am going to try to borrow a camera so Lorraine can post some more, because Betty sent me LOTS of stuff, and it is all great...as you can see from my photo of Gregor in the creek, we have had a bit of fun water play this summer with Isadora (my daughter) but maybe that can give you a hint as to why my camera has died!


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