Wednesday 3 July 2013

A Simple Summer Swap - Gifts Received Part Two

The boys were delighted to received their Summer swap from Doll Mum

As the outfit was made from genuine Shweshwe fabric from South Africa, I thought it would be most appropriate for Caleb to wear it and I must say he looks really great in it.  I don't think I have dressed him in blue before.

Anna very thoughtfully remembered Rory's love of frogs and he was delighted to receive one in the package.

The next gift was anything but 'Simple'

The kids will be absolutely delighted with these and the Quoits and Rope ladder have already been used!

Caleb hangs upside down from the rope ladder which is now hanging from Henry's Apple tree.  I am sure Henry will be 'showing Pinny the ropes' later :-)

Thank you Anna, these gifts are absolutely wonderful and we are so thrilled with them indeed.

Now what did I send Anna?

A matching shorts and shirt set made with New Zealand Fabrics 'Ponga Koru' (Modelled by Simon)

A pair of beach shorts again in New Zealand fabrics with the Koru design in blue, plus a swim bag and beach towel.

Now all we need is some ACTUAL SUNSHINE!  Is that too much to ask for?  It is supposed to be summer after all!


  1. Anna's gifts are so very nice!!!! Your gifts are wonderful too!! I especially love the VW bus image!!!! Wonderful photos too especially Caleb hanging in the ropes :)))). Thanks Lorraine, really enjoyed the photos. <3

  2. What lovely things to receive! I really like the blue and white outfit on Caleb, it suits him perfectly. I also really love the towel and bag with the VW on it, sooo cool!

  3. The gifts Lorraine sent me are lovely and I enjoyed the swap - see


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