Monday, 1 July 2013

1st July - Victoria

My Trendon girl for the month of July is Victoria.

This beautiful 1971 minty girl arrived in November 2011 in her tube having never been played with - she still smells like new.

Enjoying the afternoon warmth.

Such a pretty girl who is a delight.


  1. Ah see, this is one of the blondes I like.

    Too bad they don't manufacture them any more. The secondary market prices are too high for me.

    Is this another dress for your sale table Lorraine? These lovely batiks will sell like mad I'm quite sure.

    I ordered some batik charm packs to finish off a couple of sampler quilts and I love the colourways and tones of batik. They REALLY look well on dolls because of the soft colour blending.

    1. She is certainly lovely isn't she :-)

      This dress is being kept for my girls, but I have made some for my sales table. Not as many items as I would have liked - I seem to be fast running out of time and have so much going on this week!

      The fabric is delightful both to look at and to sew.

  2. Victoria I think portrays to a 'T' the English Trendon blonde Gingham doll that we all know and love so well.
    She certainly makes a great start to the new month sitting there amongst the daisies on the lawn in the warm sunshine.

    1. She does indeed doesn't she Kendal? What a lovely start to the month we have had as well.

      Can't believe it is July already. Steven (my older son) is 22 years old this month! Scary! Not that he will be here on his birthday, but still on the World Cruise his ship is currently on.

  3. Such a lovely girl Lorraine! I do like the girls from this era, they are very pretty and all quite different, aren't they!
    It's funny because I have my girl, Millie, from 1971, and she looks incredibly grumpy compared to your girl of the same year! LOL!!!

    1. Strange isn't it how they are all so different. I don't think I have any particularly grumpy looking girls...still I have enough grumpiness with DS2 without my Sasha 'children' being grumpy as well! ;-)


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