Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sasha Festival 2013 - Part Two: Workshops, Lunch & Presentation, Gift Exchange

The first full day of the 2013 Sasha Festival was certainly a full day - and as such I have spread it over two posts.  The first post will show the workshops, lunch & presentation plus the Yankee Gift Exchange photos that I took.

The morning started off with a workshop.  Now this workshop would have been right up Rory's alley and it was a shame he couldn't attend.  Why?  You may well ask!  We made frogs!

Henry and Weaver and friends gathered ready for the workshop on Saturday morning.

The theme of the morning was "School Days" or "Look What I Found at Grandma's!"  Weaver is chatting to Celeste, Norvell's rewigged Pintucks girl.

Norvell's sweet rewigged Pintucks girl and Weaver had on school clothes and Weaver is wearing her newly made necklace with the lovely teddy bear that Ginger gave us in front of her feet.

Hard at work making their frogs and turtles.

The craft packs contained a turtle (or tortoise?), a frog and a little doll to make up.

Sheila helping Becky and another little girl get some wool for their little dolls.

Fran's daughter Boo embraced the crafting whole heartedly and was very busy the whole morning.

Pinny has returned to Ginger and is seen here with her brother Finn.

Fran's two girls in their lovely pinafores/jumpes.

More busy and industrious hands.

Elliot's Cora looking very striking in her dress.

Carol Beach

The Bolland family Sasha girls and Gregor holding their new frogs with  Lauri's new baby girl, who looks so wonderful in her new outfit holding her just made little doll

Isn't she beautiful?

After the workshops we had lunch and sitting at our table we have Dorisanne, Karen,  Ellen, Elliot, Dorsianne's daughter Jeanne, Charla and Norvell.  

Norvell was our table hostess and we received a wonderful little wash basket, line with pegs and the much needed underwear, socks and panties!  Thank you Norvell - just wonderful!

The wonderful Festival gift was a studio type dress complete with ribbon, socks, long pants, petticoat and a wonderful pair of JJ shoes!

All the dresses were slightly different

(Will show pictures of my girls wearing their new dresses at the end of all the posts)

After dinner Anne Votaw gave a presentation on the way Sasha has been used in advertising.

I found this talk fascinating as I hadn't realised the extent of the use of Sasha for advertising chocolate.

Lots of photos!  You will have to excuse the poor quality due to the low/poor light as I don't use a flash in my photography and didn't have a tripod.

Now weren't they something?  How wonderful to have a collection of these wrappers - a very special collection indeed!  Thank you Anne for showing us these.

After lunch we enjoyed the fun Yankee Gift Exchange.  To anyone that is unfamiliar with this, your number is called out, you choose a gift to unwrap and then you and either keep it...or 'steal' one from someone else that has has previously been unwrapped.  Almost a recipe of tears!  But a lot of fun was had.

Sitting round in anticipation of the start.

Lots of lovely colourful gift wrappings.

Lynn unwraps her gift and shows all.

Sheila unwraps hers.

and looks rather pleased with it.  Perhaps this photo is deserving of a caption?

I think this may be Robert?  Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

Carol choosing a gift.

A couple of faces when they unwrapped their gifts were priceless but unfortunately I didn't capture them on film.  One in particular was Ginger's whose gift yes did get 'stolen'....several times from several different people!  

Lucky for me the gift I opened I got to keep and I was very happy with it one thing I am lacking is baby/toddler clothes!

So this wonderful watermelon outfit couldn't have been more perfect!

To whomever gave it, thank you so very much, I love it and will show a photo of someone wearing it at the end of the Festival posts.


  1. Another set of most interesting and entertaining photos.

    Yes, it was a pity that Rory wasn't there for the reptile making workshop but I trust that 'Dear' Henry made and bought one back as a gift for him!

    Particularly love the photos of the Lindt Chocolate advert and wrapper talk. After years of bidding and just missing I finally managed (last year!) to win an advertising poster, which is the same as the sailor girl climbing up the rope ladder and displaying the white milk chocolate bar.

    1. Henry did indeed make a frog for Rory :-)

      How wonderful to have a poster of your own. They really were impressive.

  2. Lorraine, your photos of the slideshow turned out so well! I gave up after a few slides, as my phone was just not up to the task in the dark. It was a really fantastic slide show and fascinating talk. In the table pic above, I believe the person between Elliot & Karen is Ellen of "the Ellen Project", and the hidden person looks like it might be Charla, Elliot's Granny. I'm really enjoying all your photos, and especially love that one of my new baby. ;-)

    1. Thank you for jogging my memory - I have updated the names. Am now thick with a bad cold and busy with very poorly dogs, back and forth to the vet several times over the last two days with lots to think and worry about.

      So glad you are enjoying the photos. Your new baby is just gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful photos! The girl in pink w/ Sheila is Becky not Abby. -- Meg

    1. Thank you Meg - my brain is a bit foggy at the moment - as per my reply to Lauri. I have amended it :-)

  4. There is so much to absorb in this post. What great crafty things to make (and I bet Rory forgave you for not taking him if you took him a frog). Thank you for all the photos of advertising posters and for the Yankee swap - I think I prefer the English version as I'm not sure I'd be happy if someone wanted my gift! (Poor Ginger losing hers, I hope she ended up with something she liked). So glad you got to keep the baby clothes - they were obviously meant for your Sasha babies.

    1. I've commented about the Yankee swap on Sharon's comment - replying to comments backwards! I much prefer the straight forward gift exchange, but it was all a bit of fun.

  5. Lorraine your commentary has been wonderful, thank you so much for being such a good journalist. I loved the section on the frog and doll making especially. The little outfit for your baby is so cute, and so American, what a lovely memento and amongst many.

    1. So glad you have been enjoying it :-) So many lovely momentos indeed.

  6. Lovely bunch of photos again Lorraine, I loved seeing all of them. I do really like Henry's British tee shirt, perfect for the occasion, flying the flag for all the Brits who couldn't go!
    I love all the advertising, who'd have thought that so many adverts would contain Sasha's images, they really are lovely and it would have been a shame to eat the chocolate that came inside them....nah, what rubbish I'm talking, we'd eat the chocolate and save the wrapper, no probs!!!
    I like the little outfit you got but I have to say that I don't like the sound of the Yankee Swap....I would have been so disappointed at having got something that I really loved, only for someone to have the right to take it off me again......and what if you were a person who felt shy about taking someone else's? Not sure that Yankee Swap is for me!!!!
    OH I see above that Anna has said exactly the same as me about the swap!!!!

    1. The chocolate wrappers were wonderful as I bet the chocolate was inside them at one stage. It really was most interesting and absolutely fascinating.

      I have to agree that I don't like this form of swap either. The quilting group I was in used to do this each Christmas and each time I had an excellent gift taken. :-( If I had been Ginger I am sure I would have burst into tears when the wonderful outfit she had received was 'stolen'. I felt so sorry for her I gave her a studio outfit I had made from a vintage christening gown.


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