Thursday, 4 July 2013

A few outfits I have made

I've been slowing getting together some outfits for my Sales Table at the Sasha Festival.

Tilly Rose has been busy modelling for me the last few days...

Farm Girl Outfit Number 1:  consists of long pants and scarf made with tea towel, vintage napkin for apron, vintage fabrics for petticoat and skirt, 100% linen blouse which can be worn either way.

Farm Girl Outfit Number Two:

Again a tea towel was used for the pants and headscarf, vintage fabrics for petticoat, skirt and apron and 100% linen blouse.

The petticoat isn't especially full, more fitting due to limited amount of vintage fabric available, but as the skirt is full it isn't necessary for the petticoat to be a full one.

This next outfit I think of 'Innocence'  using a Victorian child's Christening Gown I have re-purposed it into this studio style dress.

Long underwear.

Beautiful lace work.


  1. I love all the outfits. You should have a popular sales table.
    Jenni xx

  2. They're all lovely. Good luck with your sales.

  3. My thanks to Tilly Rose for being such a delightful model for these lovely outfits. She certainly suits the wearing of the head scarves in all of the outfits.
    Hoping that they all sell well for you to provide some extra spending money whilst you are over there.

  4. I really love the 'Innocence' outfit Lorraine, that is very pretty. My mum still has the Christening gowns that belonged to my nana and worn by her, my dad and his three brothers as well as me, my brother and my son Brendan. I think she'd have a heart failure though if I asked her if I could have it to cut up!!! But it is lovely, with lace, it'd make a great Sasha dress!

    1. If the gowns had been from family I wouldn't have cut them up, but as they were bought from an Antique shop I don't have the same qualms. They would just be tucked away in a draw somewhere not being used so figure it was better to enjoy them.

      No such Christening gowns in our family


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